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unknown member of On Military Matters writes:

These new items are scheduled to be available here at the On Military Matters shoppe in early December. We'll bang the drum urging you to get your holiday orders in as early as possible.


Victrix Early Imperial Roman Cavalry: 28mm Plastic Miniatures cover

Victrix Early Imperial Roman Cavalry: 28mm Plastic Miniatures. Box includes 16 mounted figures in each set. All armored with chainmail and scaled armor. Oval and hexagonal shields, hexagonal shields for Praetorian or Gallic/Germanic options. Head options with mustaches to represent Gallic or German warriors in Roman service. Choice of arms for javelins, spears, swords, musician, and standardbearers. Javelin cases, separate water bottles, and bed rolls to give troopers a campaign look. $39.00 USD


Panzer Korps 2.0 10th Anniversary Edition – full-color cover

Panzer Korps 2.0 10th Anniversary Edition – Full-Color Recreate the World at War in Miniature from 1935 to 1945 at the battalion level. Players command divisions and brigades. Features HRG's Theater-Based Terrain Generation System. Unique National Characteristics seamlessly managed by the rules. Includes Advanced Rules for extra detail. Integrates air power seamlessly and is a vital part of the strategy. $40.00 USD

Mein Panzer Data Book: Spanish Civil War

Mein Panzer Data Book: Spanish Civil War. The heart of this book is the equipment tables, aircraft tables, ordnance tables, naval support equipment, and small arms. Numerous pieces of equipment have been detailed, including the unique vehicles of the war. Also includes a large selection of TO&E (Tables of Organization and Equipment) ranging from company to battalion level, this extensive collection allows players to build upon real-life TO&E for their games. Both the Nationalists and Republicans include a Troop Quality Table, detailing the quality levels represented in the game for their own forces and allies. Plus, numerous specialty troops are also detailed, each categorized into the five quality levels of the game. Finally, this Mein Panzer Data Book contains a few special rules you may need to fight some of the battles of the Spanish Civil War. $20.00 USD


Great Battles of History for DBA 3.0: 12 scenarios cover

Great Battles of History for DBA 3.0: 12 Scenarios. Book of twelve historical scenarios for DBA: Gela 405BC: A Clash of Colonies in the Western Mediterranean Sea; The Hydaspes 315BC: Alexander Invades India; Bagradas 255BC: Prelude to Cannae during the 1st Punic War; Cannae 216BC: Hannibal's High Water Mark; The Revolt of Spartacus 71BC: I am Spartacus; Carnuntum 170AD: Disaster on the Danube; Battle of Hormozdgan 224AD: The Fate of Parthia; Yarmuk 636AD: Khalid Ibn al-Walid and the Lions of the Desert; Brunanburh 937AD: The Birthplace of Englishness; Bouvines 1214AD: The Eclipse of the Angevin Empire; Verneuil 1424AD: A Second Agincourt; and Enguingatte 1479AD: The Dawn of Modern Warfare. $35.00 USD

Terrain Mats…

LADG Game Mat: 120cm x 80cm for 15mm 200 Point Games terrain mat

All are rubber backed – very high quality rubber, not neoprene, rolls up, single sided. Washable, rollable, foldable, and durable.

LADG Game Mat: 120cm x 80cm for 15mm 200-Point Games – $100.00 USD
LADG Game Mat: 150cm x 100cm for 15mm 300-point Doubles Games – $115.00 USD
LADG Game Mat: 180cm x 120cm for 25mm 200-Point Games – $165.00 USD

Mein Zombie…

Mein Zombie: Event Cards cover

Mein Zombie: Core Rules Loose-Leaf – U.S. 3-Hole Punch Only. Flexible and expandable 1:1 rule system for recreating the massive zombie infection. Designed to be used with miniature scales from 15mm up to 28mm, it is based around out innovative Drop-In game system. Players from novice to veteran will find it easy to customize the game to their particular gaming style. $25.00 USD

Mein Zombie: Event Cards Designed to add excitement and flavor to the normal flow of play. An Event Card can give a Hero special bonuses, strengthen zombies, or be a special event; like running into your mother as a zombie. The Event Cards put a bit of randomness in any zombie game. These Event cards can be fun in any zombie game with just a little modification. $13.00 USD

Mein Zombie: Search Cards Created to add some suspense and enjoyment when players poke around in dark corners or search through discarded crates and buildings. The search cards can add special items, weapons, or surprise zombie attacks. As a special bonus, the cards are also used to randomize how many items or zombies are in a building. With a little modification, Search cards can be used in almost any Zombie game that requires searching for items. $13.00 USD

'45 Jacobite Rising…

Better is the Proud Plaid: The Clothing, Weapons, and Accoutrements of the Jacobites in the '45 cover

Better is the Proud Plaid: The Clothing, Weapons, and Accoutrements of the Jacobites in the '45 Drawing on the work of historians and a wide range of contemporary sources, this book seeks to strip away some of the myths surrounding the Jacobites and the Highland Army by looking at what they really wore, what they fought with, and what items they used to show their allegiance to the Prince and the Jacobite cause. Prince Charles Edward Stuart's army and the Jacobites are examined in detail from their clothes, weapons and material culture. Includes eight pages of color plates, plus 16 black-and-white images. $35.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $29.75 USD

The Lilies & The Thistle: French Troops in the Jacobite '45 New archival research enables a better picture to be obtained than ever before of the men who made up the rank and file of this contingent, and of the background and fates of those who led them. New analysis is offered, too, as to details of the uniforms worn by the detachments serving in Scotland, reconsidering existing sources and also bringing out new information. Includes eight pages of color plates, plus 20 black-and-white images. $35.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $29.75 USD


The Rise of the Seleukid Empire (323-223 BC): Seleukos I to Seleukos III cover

The Rise of the Seleukid Empire (323-223 BC): Seleukos I to Seleukos III The Seleukid kingdom was the largest state in the world for a century and more between Alexander's death and the rise of Rome. It was ruled for all that time by a succession of able kings, but broke down twice, before eventually succumbing to dynastic rivalries, and simultaneous external invasions and internal grasps for independence. The first king, Seleukos I, established a pattern of rule which was unusually friendly towards his subjects, and his policies promoted the steady growth of wealth and population in many areas. Relates the remarkable twists of fortune and daring that saw Seleukos, an officer in an elite guard unit, emerge from the wars of the Diadochi (Alexander's successors) in control of the largest and richest part of the empire of the late Alexander the Great. After his conquests and eventual murder, we then see how his successors continued his policies, including the repeated wars with the Ptolemaic rules of Egypt over control of Syria. The volume ends with the deep internal crisis and the wars of the brothers, which left only a single member of the dynasty alive in 223BC. $23.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $19.55 USD

The Real Horse Soldiers: Benjamin Grierson's Epic 1863 Civil War Raid Through Mississippi Covers Benjamin Grierson's Union cavalry thrust through Mississippi, which is one of the most well-known operations of the Civil War. For 16 days (April 17 to May 2), Grierson led Confederate pursuers on a high-stakes chase through the entire state of Mississippi, entering the northern border with Tennessee and exiting its southern border with Louisiana. The daily rides were long, the rest stops short, and the tension high. Ironically, the man who led the raid was a former music teacher who some say disliked horses. Throughout, he displayed outstanding leadership and cunning, destroyed railroad tracks, burned trestles and bridges, freed slaves, and created as much damage and chaos as possible. Includes 36 images and 13 maps. $33.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $28.05 USD

Last Throw of the Dice: Bourbaki and Werder in Eastern France 1870-71 Recounts the last attempt by the Government of National Defense to reverse the outcome of the Franco-Prussian War, as General Charles Bourbaki, the former commander of the Imperial Guard, launched the Army of the East in a desperate attack on the German lines of communication in South-Eastern France. Includes 75 black-and-white illustrations, color maps. $50.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $42.50 USD

Battle of the Baltic Islands 1917: Triumph of the Imperial German Navy A large part of the German High Sea Fleet took part in the invasion of the Baltic islands, including the most modern dreadnought battleships. The Russians mounted a resolute defense despite being heavily outgunned and over a ten-day period, there were many naval clashes around the islands, as well as the campaign ashore, all of which are described in detail with the use of both Russian and German first-hand accounts. Includes 40 black-and-white illustrations and 14 maps. $23.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $19.55 USD

Hell in the Trenches: Austro-Hungarian Stormtroopers and Italian Arditi in the Great War The Austro-Hungarian Stormtroopers and the Italian Arditi of World War I were elite special forces charged with carrying out bold raids and daring attacks. These units were comprised of hand-picked soldiers that possessed above-average courage, physical prowess, as well as specific combat skills. Devoted to a historical reconstruction of the assault detachments' combat missions between 1917-18 by utilizing previously unreleased archival sources such as Italian and Austrian war diaries, official manuals, divisional and High Command reports and the soldiers' own recollections of the war. Finally, it offers a comprehensive description of their uniforms, equipment, and weapons, along with a large number of illustrations, maps, and period photographs rarely seen. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $34.00 USD

Panzers on the Vistula: Retreat and Rout in East Prussia 1945 Describes the German army's tactics as they fell back before the Soviet advance, and the appalling conditions and the fear and panic that gripped the city. Acute shortages of men, equipment, ammunition and fuel crippled the defense, but extraordinary resilience, heroism and ingenuity still motivated the soldiers who were fighting for a lost cause and facing certain defeat. $33.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $28.05 USD

Panzers in the Defense of Festung Posen 1945 Describes the bitter 1945 battle for Festung Poznan. Among the garrison of the fortress, a special part was played by a small heavy Panzer unit which possessed just one Tiger tank, two Panthers, one Panzer IV, and a handful of Sturmgeschutze. Despite the difficulty and sparsity of sources, the authors were able to acquire an impressive wealth of information and memoirs, as well as rich iconography. Includes 63 black-and-white photos, 4 black-and-white illustrations, and 3 black-and-white maps. $30.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $25.50 USD

Don't Forget the Magazines…

Traditions #23 cover

Traditions #23 In France of 1823, the internal situation is particularly tense and a generalized climate of suspicion limits the individual initiative. In the Chamber of Deputies, intolerance is maximum and common insults. It is in this high-voltage atmosphere that the government, trapped by its refusal to allow the passage of foreign armies, is forced to lift an observation body of 100,000 men to come to the aid of Ferdinand VII, hostage of the constitutionals. The decision goes horribly wrong in the assembly and even comes to the expulsion Manu Militari from Jacques-Antoine Manuel, Liberal member of the Vendee, on 3 March. [French text] $18.00 USD

Gloire & Empire # 81 In January 1807, Napoleon was in Warsaw. If the Prussian army is destroyed, it still has much to do with the Russians who, for the moment, refused to fight. Yet, he is equally concerned about Portugal which does not respect its continental blockade. His policy, he writes to the Prince of Peace, aims to keep the English from the mainland: to strike their trade, to attack the bases of their power; this is where you have to strive first. With the Treaty of Tilsit just signed, Napoleon created the Observation Corps of the Gironde, which, under the command of General Junot, had the task of invading Portugal. [French text] $28.00 USD

La Revue Napoleon # 26 (New series) Epuration a repetition dans la gandarmerie, le proces du general Travot, l'ombre portee de Napoleon, and more. [French text] $26.00 USD

Modern War # 39: Axis of Evil – Iran Magazine includes an operational-strategic level two-player wargame covering a struggle between the Russian-led Eurasian Union and a Coalition of opposing states to gain control of the Middle East, from Iran to Syria and the Persian Gulf. Possible combatants include Russia, various Middle Eastern states, China, Iran, and the Persian Gulf countries. One 22 x 34-inch map on one sheet and 176 counters. Game system models the situation at the highest strategic level. Using a variation of Ty Bomba's Putin's War (MW # 29). Each hex on the map represents 62 miles (100 km), and each turn of play represents anything from three days of intense combat to a couple weeks of refitting. Ground units represent mostly corps-sized formations, with some divisional task forces. Special forces units are regiments, brigades or groupings of cadres. The combat aircraft units represent various numbers of sorties needed to accomplish missions over the time frame of a turn. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 10%. New price: $36.00 USD

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