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Warlord Games: Antares Bounty Hunters & the Antares Nexus

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Paul at Warlord Games Sponsoring Member of TMP of Warlord Games writes:

Antares Nexus logo

This past week saw the launch of Warlord Games' Nexus for Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Nexus is an excellent repository for Antares, and a great place in which, and from which, we plan to expand the game and the universe. We already have a small, Nexus IMTel group who have been enthused by the Nexus and are writing material for us, and other players are approaching us to write articles, fiction – and supplements – for Antares.

  • 260-plus articles.
  • Getting Started section – articles for beginners, how-to's, etc.
  • Background, rules insights and tactics articles, as well as all the web fiction.
  • Model/army showcases and painting guides and tips.
  • An article explaining every single unit and character currently in the game, each with summary data and tactical advice.
  • Summary and core pages for all the factions and the mercenaries for hire, all of which link out to specialty articles.
  • 14 new scenarios have now been added to the three existing.
  • Rules Central – a core place for the Errata, FAQ, Amendments, Living Errata, Living FAQ, and the PDF army lists.
  • Personal Shards – an area for community-submitted, completely unofficial material to be posted but which other players may well appreciate.
  • Plus a really useful categorization, search and keyword tag selection and more!

If you want to learn more about Antares, then discover the Nexus today!
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Antarean Bounty Hunters

Antares Bounty Hunters

Hiring mercenaries using the rules in the The Battle of Xilos supplement has enabled the Concord, Isorian, Boromite, Freeborn and Algoryn forces to incorporate units from the Freeborn Adventurers or Boromite Clans lists. But not all mercenaries come from the Boromites or Freeborn – there are some who are independent freelancers, and others who are semi-independent, hiring themselves alongside – or to – a faction like the Freeborn.

There are others, whether simply renegades or groups of mercenaries from the many pan-human and barely-known non-human races around the universes connected by the Antarean Nexus.

Find out more on the Nexus, and download their full rules at this PDF link or here.

Antares Bounty Hunters


Hükk have over nine options to take, right out of the box! Allowing you to personalize your Hükk to any specific task you have in mind! For a full description including new special rules, customized Mag gun, Subdue and his unique weapon the X-sublauncher, take a look at the following PDF link.

Then – why not pit your wits against your enemy in this challenging bounty hunter scenario:

PDF link

Antares Bounty Hunters3

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