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Old Glory Acquires True North Miniatures

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Joewl Levis writes:

I am very happy to read this

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MrsMiniatureships Sponsoring Member of TMP of Merrimack Miniatures/Old Glory Shipyard writes:

We are pleased to announce that Old Glory has acquired True North Miniatures.

We will have the True North Miniatures at Historicon. At this point, there are 36 new codes that we have found in the True North masters that have never been released, so we have added them to the catalog and are available. There will be more new codes coming, as time has not allowed us to get all of them finished before Historicon.

The new releases added to the True North 15mm WWII range of figures are:


PLE18  7TPdw - twin turret                     $6.00 USD
PLE19 Vickers 6 ton Tank twin turret $6.00 USD
Vickers 6 ton Tank twin turret
PLE20  Vickers 6 ton Tank single turret        $6.00 USD
Vickers 6 ton Tank single turret


FRE01  French 75mm Anti-tank gun Deployed      $7.50 USD
FRE02 French 75mm Anti-tank gun Limbered $7.50 USD
FRE03 French 75mm Anti-Aircraft gun Deployed $7.50 USD
FRE04 French 75mm Anti-Aircraft gun Limbered $7.50 USD


HUE02  Toldi I                                 $6.00 USD
HUE03 Toldi II $6.00 USD
HUE04 Turan I $6.00 USD
HUE05 Turan II $6.00 USD
HUE06 Zrinyi Assault Gun $6.00 USD
HUE07 40mm Nimrod $10.00 USD
40mm Nimrod


SUE01  203mm Howitzer                          $10.00 USD
203mm Howitzer
SUE02  Horse Limber Galloping                  $6.00 USD
SUE03 Komintern with Artillery Limber $10.00 USD
Komintern with Artillery Limber
SUE04  T-20 Komsomolets with crew              $6.00 USD
T-20 Komsomolets with crew
SUE05  ZIS30 Tank Destroyer                    $6.00 USD
ZIS 30 tank destroyer
SUE06  Small Gun Limber                        $6.00 USD
SUE07 ZIS5 $6.00 USD
SUE08  ZIS6                                    $6.00 USD
SUE09  GAZ-AA                                  $6.00 USD
SUE10 GAZ-AA Anti-aircraft and Quad Guns $6.00 USD
SUE11 BA 20V Command Armored Car $6.00 USD
SUE12 YAG10 - covered back $10.00 USD
SUE13 YAG10 76mm anti-aircraft gun $10.00 USD
SUE14 107mm gun $6.00 USD
SUE15 122mm gun $6.00 USD
SUE16 152mm gun $6.00 USD
SUE17 76mm anti-aircraft gun $7.00 USD
SU07 Russian AA crews (12 figs) $6.00 USD
SU08 Russian Artillery crew (12 figs) $6.00 USD


ITE01  Gun Tractor                             $6.00 USD 
Gun Tractor



AUS13  Vultee V-72 Vengence                    $8.00 USD
AUS14 Vought SB2U Vindicator $8.00 USD
AUS15 Helldiver $8.00 USD

I am working on adding this fine range of 15mm WWII product to our website. I should be finished within the next day or two, so look for them to be ready to order on line soon.

We will be making some changes in the future with how we package the True North Miniatures. The packaging will match the Command Decision line of 15mm WWII figures. We are excited about these figures and being able to provide them to our customers. If you just can't wait for me to get them online and want a copy of the catalog, just email me at and I will email you a catalog.

And if you are wondering, yes, the Old Glory Army discount will apply for our members!

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