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New Rules for Ancient Sumerian Warfare

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Trebian Sponsoring Member of TMP writes:

@ Lucius: Units of infantry are four bases, and chariots two, so it depends upon how many figures you want on a base! I have four on a heavy base, three on a medium and two on a light, because my figures are all based for DBx, but you can do what you want, as long as they fit in the squares you choose. I tend to use 15 – 20 units a side, because that's what I've got. You can go down to 6 – 8 if you want, which is where I started. The rules have a points list so you can balance armies, but I didn't want to be prescriptive, so use what you've got. The City States changed their army composition based upon need, any way. Typically I have 2 or 3 carts aside, then 10 -12 heavy infantry, a couple of mediums like massed archers, then enough lights to screen the front of the army.

@Kent Reuber : Minimum 8 x 6, better on 12 x 8.

OB has done a good review over on his blog: link . He has then done a follow up, talking about using them for late Bronze Age.

My blog is here: link where you'll find battle reports and more on what I think I'm playing at.

@gavandjosh02: That is annoying. I'd have though .jp would have shipped. It is listed on, but is labelled as "not in stock". What about .com?

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Trebian Sponsoring Member of TMP of Wargaming for Grown-Ups Publications writes:

Wargamer, blogger, historian and games designer Graham Evans (aka Trebian Sponsoring Member of TMP) has launched a new range of wargames rules with his first publication under the Wargaming for Grown-Ups imprint.

To Ur is Human

Called To Ur is Human, these innovative new rules cover the 1,000 years of the Mesopotamian city states with simple, clear, fun mechanisms that will allow for a large game to be played comfortably in an evening. At the core of the system is the Fear Test – an asymmetric, simultaneous assessment of the relative levels of fear two opposing units have of the other. This, allied to a simple and robust combat mechanism, with straightforward movement and terrain rules, means that players will get a quick-to-learn but unique gaming experience from game one. To enable this further, the rules are written in clear, plain English, with an easy-to-follow page layout, and a Quick Reference Sheet on the back cover.

The rules were written originally for soft-plastic 20mm figures, but can be used for any scale without amendment.

And to make them even more attractive, they are priced competitively, costing you less than a monthly wargaming magazine (see below for pricing and order details).

What Have Reviewers Said?

An excellent example of a good book of wargame rules, and felt that I could have run a game straight after reading the rules. There were no gratuitous illustrations. Those that were included served a definite purpose, and helped to explain the rules.
The rules themselves are simple, straightforward and quick to learn. They give a good, reasonably quick game… with two more solo games under my belt, I'm confirmed in my belief that this gives a very playable game.
A complete ruleset for Sumerian Warfare for £5.00 GBP. The rules are easy to absorb and there is a QRS on the back cover… If you are interested in Sumerian Warfare, you will probably want a copy… I'll add that I think it has a lot to offer for late Bronze Age warfare too. I never quite found anything to service my interest in the late Bronze Age entirely to my satisfaction… I think to your might do it.

The Full Details Are:

Paperback: 35 pages
Published: 16 October 2019
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1699824924
ISBN-13: 978-1699824924
Product Dimensions: 21.6 x 0.2 x 27.9 cm
Price: £5.00 GBP/$6.36 USD/€6.11 EUR (depending on exchange rate)
Availability: Worldwide via Amazon (check out your local Amazon site – be sure to search To Ur is Human in the books section)

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