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Any news on rule changes?

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Caliver Books writes:

Please take a look at a few of our new and forthcoming releases.

In Peace Prepare for War!

Field of Glory: Ancient & Medieval Rules 3rd Revised Edition

Do battle with friends and enemies alike with Field of Glory, the miniatures tabletop wargaming rules. Bring history to life as you engage in ferocious combat with the finest armies of the ancient and medieval worlds.

The Field of Glory rulebook contains all the information you need to play your first epic battles with figurines, terrain, tape measures and dice.


  • The complete rules with clear explanations of how to play
  • Diagrams illustrating all key points
  • Photographs of miniatures in action
  • Detailed artwork for creative reference
  • 4 army lists for immediate play

Produced in association with Slitherine Software. Due end of September.

Viking Age Expansion

Viking Age Expansion

The Viking Age Expansion adds several new scenarios, game components mechanics, and victory conditions to the 878 Vikings game, such as Christian churches, pagan relics, Viking settlements, holy places, and much more!


  • War for Land and Gods
  • Kingdoms
  • Kings
  • Runes and Prayer
  • Relics and Holy Sites
  • Legends
  • Epic Battle Events
  • Viking Ships
  • Legendary Leaders

All this for Just £32.50 GBP.

A Clash of Eagles: A Black Powder Supplement

A Clash of Eagles: A Black Powder Supplement

A Clash Of Eagles is a glorious work of passion from the author Adrian McWalter. 200 pages of full-color text, maps, and figures plus art from renowned artist Peter Dennis and Johnny Shumate. A must-have for any collectors and gamers of the Napoleonic Black Powder period!

Within the pages, you will discover how Napoleonic armies fought differently from preceding Black Powder armies; including background detail focusing on the campaign, the numerous nations that took part in the campaign, as well as their armies and statistics on over a hundred different troop types.

You will find information on how to reflect Napoleonic battles using the Black Powder rules, as well as a few new rules that are pretty standard amongst wargames communities across the globe.

Running alongside this, you will encounter numerous national characteristics for France, Russia, Austria and Prussia (to name a few) that will give your gaming experience more of a Napoleonic feel. Just £21.50 GBP. Due mid-September.

A Waste of Blood & Treasure: The 1799 Anglo-Russian Invasion Of The Netherlands By Philip Ball

A Waste of Blood & Treasure: The 1799 Anglo-Russian Invasion Of The Netherlands By Philip ball

With the Netherlands overrun by French Republican forces, the British and Russian governments sent an allied army of 48,000 men under the Duke of York to liberate the country and restore the House of Orange. The largest operation mounted by Pitt's ministry during the French Revolutionary Wars, the amphibious expedition involved the first ever direct cooperation between British and Russian forces, embroiled the armies in five full-scale battles, and secured the capture of the Dutch fleet. As Britain's first major continental involvement since 1795, it played a part in shaping the early careers of many famous military commanders of the Napoleonic Wars. In the end, however, the campaign failed spectacularly. Its inglorious end provoked parliamentary outrage and led to a diplomatic rupture between Britain and Russia. The Duke of York never commanded an army in the field again. Only £17.50 GBP.

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