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New 28mm Landsknechts From Steel Fist Miniatures

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Puster writes:

Got them. I ordered a full set of Landsknechts and two extra sets of heads – and count 36 different heads between them, adding considerable variety to their first release.

Apart from the flawless and historically accurate bodies…
… sizewize the extra heads seem to fit both the Perry plastics and the WG Landsknechts (finally making the latter usefull), though some necks need a bit of work. Using these sets together offers a really intriguing cornocupia for kit-bashing characters.

I am looking really forward to Steel Fists next release.

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Simon Chick of Steel Fist Miniatures writes:

We Are Proud to Announce the First Release of 28mm Landsknechts for Our Italian Wars Range


The first release packs are:

  • LAN 01. Landsknechts – Unarmored front ranks, open-handed.
  • LAN 02. Landsknechts – Armored front ranks, open-handed.
  • LAN 03. Landsknechts – Unarmored middle ranks, open-handed.
  • LAN 04. Landsknechts – Armored middle ranks, open-handed.
  • LAN 07. Landsknechts – Command. Captain, drummer, fifer & standardbearer.
  • LAN 08. Landsknechts – Mixed shot. 2 arquebusiers & 2 crossbowmen.
  • LAN 10. Landsknechts – Melee. Fighting hand-to-hand with halbards and swords.

Each pack contains four different figures, with four different separate heads, which are interchangeable with other packs, to maximize variety. Open-handed figures can be used as either pikemen or halbardiers.


We also have accessories:

  • WFD 01. Pikes. 8 hardened steel 100mm-long pikes.
  • WFD 02. Halbards. 8 halbards in 2 styles.
  • WFD 03. Landsknecht Heads. 8 different heads to modify figures.
  • WFD 23. Landsknecht Imperial flags (A). 2 designs with imperial eagles.
  • WFD 24. Landsknecht Imperial flags (B). 2 designs with Burgundian crosses.
  • WFD 25. Landsknecht in French service flags, for the black band.
Mixed shot

We're confident that these are the most detailed and historically accurate figures, and are the start of our commitment to create the main troop types for the Italian Wars for the c1515-1538 period.

Figures can be viewed at

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