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Caliver Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

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Happy New Year to you all!

There's a lot to get your teeth into in this first message of 2013…

And we're kicking off the new year with some offers – check out the Special Offers section on the website!

We'll start with some boardgames which you can find below, or click onto the Special Offers as we'll be adding more!

Restocks of the new Field of Glory 2.0 rules are now in. The rules have gone down so well that we're expecting this second batch to be just as popular!

H22125 UNIFORMES DE LA GUERRA DEL PACIFICO 1879-1884 / – Spanish text – paperback £44.50 GBP

H22126 ARMIES OF THE MIDDLE AGES,VOLUME 1 – Organisation,tactics,dress and weapons / Heath, I Internally mint but yellowing to cover £30.00 GBP

H22127 UNIVERSAL TANK: BRITISH ARMOUR IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR 2) / Fletcher very good- slight tear to bottom of spine £75.00 GBP

H22130 ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE UNIFORMS OF THE ROMAN WORLD / Riley, K 250p. large format all colour illus on every page- Rome and her enemies Inc Samnites; Carthaginians; Macedonians; Gauls; Sassanids; Huns etc etc £18.99 GBP


H22132 ARCHAEOLOGY OF English Battlefields: Conflict in the Pre-Industrial Landscape / Foard & Morris 190p. large format v wel ill Not Just Wars of the Roses & the ECW (Though Glenn was the chap who found the new site of Bosworth and there is somk,e interesting stuff on ECW skirmish sites) £23.50 GBP

H22133 SPANISH CIVIL WAR AT SEA / ENglish, A 180p,well illus. Mint Hbk. Naval operations during the SCW Fleet lists for bot sides & te BAsque Navy etc £26.50 GBP

H22134 FIREBELL IN THE NIGHT: Brigade Level Miniature Rules for the American Civil war / Kershner, Tod, Wood & Simmons Any scale of figures, 3-6 figures to a base, 4 bases a Brigade. Interesting command control & supply/fatigue rules. 1,000+ named commanders with ratings! + scenario. £25.00 GBP

H22135 MEDIEVAL WARFARE MAGAZINE  II, 6 (10): FRUSTRATING THE FATIMADS / – Basil II & Syria; Cataphracts & Varangians; Aleppo; Harlech Siege £6.99 GBP

H22136 EDGE OF EMPIRE: ROME'S FRONTIER ON THE LOWER RHINE / Ledndering, Jona & Bosman large format 188p all colour illus. First English translation of this much expanded 2nd edition. The Roman military frontier £29.50 GBP

H22137 ITALERI 1/72nd CHURCH / – Post free worldwide £25.00 GBP

H22138 GERMAN PLASTIC SOLDIER AND ZVEZDA DEAL / – ANY 1 BOX of Plastic Soldier German Tanks + ANY 1 German Zvezda Vehicle post free WORLDWIDE – See the website for full ranges £16.50 GBP

H22139 RUSSIAN PLASTIC SOLDIER AND ZVEZDA DEAL / – ANY 1 BOX of Plastic Soldier Russian Tanks + ANY 1 Russian Zvezda Vehicle post free WORLDWIDE – See the website for full ranges £16.50 GBP

H22140 AGAINST THE ODDS 38: GUNS OF THE ASKARI / – Hex board wargame STrategic game of WWI in East AFrica. facsinating subject, great game. £28.50 GBP

H22141 AWAKENING THE BEAR OPERATION BARBAROSSA 2nd edition / – Conflict of Heroes. boxed wargame £59.99 GBP


H22143 BATTLEGROUP KURSK- Rules from PLASTIC SOLDIER CO. / – MINT, slight bump to cover £22.50 GBP

H22143 PERSIAN INCURSION / – Clash of Arms – Israel vs a Nuclear Iran – 2-player grand strategic boardgame. Token-based. £31.50 GBP

H22144 FIGHTING FORMATIONS: Grossdeutschland Motorised Infantry Division / – GMT Games. WWII Dice & Counter based Eastern Front tactical combat. £52.50 GBP

H22145 MEDITERRANEAN DESERT WAR 1940-1945 / – Clash of Arms Hex-based wargame. Four Scenarios at various levels. £33.00 GBP

H22146 RED WINTER: The Soviet Attack on Tolvajarvi 8-12 December 1939 / – GMT Games Hex-based boardgame. £27.00 GBP

H22147 LEVIATHANS! / – Catalyst Games. Hex-based game of steampunk aerial combat. £58.50 GBP

36656 BLOODY ALBUERA: The 1811 Campaign in the Peninsula / Fletcher, Ian Hardback.Publ. 2000. 128 pages. Illustrated throughout in black and white and colour. Cond. very good/like new. light shelfwear. £29.00 GBP

36657 RUSSIAN TANKS OF WORLD WAR 2. / Milson, John & Zaloga, Steve Hardback. Publ. 1977. 64 pages. b/w illusts. Cond. good. Book shows some signs of wear typical of age. £8.00 GBP

36658 SCOTLAND'S CASTLES. / Tabraham, Chris. Hardback. Publ. 1997. 144 pages. Illustrated throughout in colour+b/w. cond. good. £12.00 GBP

36659 BRITISH INFANTRY UNIFORMS From Marlborough to Wellington. / Funcken, Fred and Liliane. Paperback. Publ. 1976. 47 pages. Lots of colour illustrations. Cond. Good. Slight shelf wear to covers. £8.00 GBP

36660 VILLAGE BUILDINGS OF BRITIAN. / Rice, Matthew. Paperback. Publ. 2006. 160 pages. Colour illusts throughout. Cond. looks like new. £12.00 GBP

36661 GARRISON LIFE AT VINDOLANDA. / Birley, Anthony. Paperback. Publ. 2002. 192 pages. b/w illusts throughout. Cond Very Good. £13.50 GBP

36662 WAR GAME CAMPAIGNS. / Featherstone, Donald. Hardback. Publ. 1970. 214 pages. b/w illusts. Cond. good but book shows signs of shelfwear due to age £8.00 GBP

36662 MILITARY MODELLING – Guide to Solo Wargaming. / Asquith, Stuart. Paperback. Publ. 1989. 127 pages. b/w illusts. Cond. Good. £11.00 GBP

36663 WARRIOR CHIEFS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA / Knight, Ian J. Hardback. Publ 1948. 1994. b/w Illustrations Cond. Very good looks brand-new. £20.00 GBP

36664 UNIFORMS OF THE PENINSULAR WAR 1807-1814 / Haythornthwaite, Philip Hardback. Publ 1978. Colour Illusts thoughtout. Cond. very good still inside dust cover. £15.00 GBP

36665 NAVAL BATTLES OF THE CIVIL WAR / Hearn, Chester G. Hardback. 256 pages Excellent Condition. B/w and colour Illustrations £32.50 GBP

36666 FASHION FOR MEN – An illustrated history. / Marley, Diana de Paperback. Publ. 1989. 166 pages. Cond. Good. b/w Illusts throughout. £12.76 GBP

36667 THE COLLECTOR'S BOOK OF TWENTIETH-CENTURY FASHION. / Kennett, Frances Hardback. Publ. 1983. 256 pages. colour illusts throughtout. Cond. Very good. £7.98 GBP

36668 FORTIES – PART FOUR / 70 YEARS OF POPULAR MUSIC Paperback. Publ 1997. 159 pages. Cond. Very good. £22.97 GBP

36669 MOST DANGEROUS ENEMY – A history of the battle of britain. / Bungay, Stephen. Hardback. Publ. 2000. 492 pages. B/w Illusts throughout. Cond. Very Good. £8.48 GBP

36670 HANDBOOK FOR MODEL SOLDIER COLLECTORS / Featherstone, Donald E/C Hardback Ex-library though £4.00 GBP

36673 BATTLES OF ST ALBANS. / Watson, Harvey. Elliott, Michael. Paperback. Publ 2007. 182 pages. B/w and colour illusts throughout. Signed by Harvey B. Watson. Cond. Good front cover curling slightly due to shelf damage. £20.00 GBP

36674 FLORIDA IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. / Leitch Wright, J. Jr. Photocopy. Pages 194. B/w Illusts throughout. Cond. Good Yellowing slightly. £8.00 GBP

36676 FRENCH ARMOURED FIGHTING VEHICLES, No.1: BATTLE TANKS / Touzin, P & Gurtner, C Paperback, 1970, 30pp. Fully illustrated. Very good condition with one slight mark to cover but otherwise excellent. £25.00 GBP

36677 CIVIL WAR IN STRATFORD UPON AVON: Conflict and Community in South Warwickshire 1642-1646 / Tennant, Philip Paperback, 1996, 200pp. Ill. Very good condition with some slight wear. £10.00 GBP

36678 ART OF WARFARE IN THE AGE OF NAPOLEON / Rothenberg, Gunther E. Hardcover in jacket, 1997, 272pp. Few ill. Very good condition with slight wear to jacket. £9.00 GBP

36679 CRIMEAN UNIFORMS – 2 British Artillery / Wilkinson-Latham Hardback. Publ. 1973. 81 Pages. B/w illusts throughout. Cond. Very good. £34.99 GBP

36680 DRESS OF THE ROYAL ARTILLERY. / Alastair Campbell, D. Hardback. Publ 1971. 157 Pages. Mixture of B/w and Colour Illustrations Cond. Very good. 1st Edition. £22.00 GBP

36681 NAPOLEON'S LAST CAMPAIGN IN GERMANY-1813 / Loraine Petre, F. Hardback. Publ. 1974. 403 Pages. Pull out maps within. Cond. Good, slight shelf wear. £19.99 GBP

36682 RISING SUN – The decline and fall of the japanese empire 1936-1945 / Toland, John. Hardback. Publ 1971. 954 pages + about the author. B/w Illustrations Cond. Slight shelf damage to outside of book, internally very good. £17.00 GBP

36683 BUILDINGS FOR THE MILITARY MODELLER. / Weekley, Ian Hardback. Publ. 1989. 128 pages. B/w and colour Illustrations throughout. Cond. Very good. £15.00 GBP

36684 SMALL-SCALE ARMOUR MODELLING. / Clark, Alex. Hardback. Publ2011. 192 Pages. Colour Illustrations throughout. Cond. Very good, looks unused. £10.50 GBP

36685 NAVAL BRIGADES IN THE SOUTH AFRICAN WAR 1899-1900 / Jeans, T.T. Hardback. Reprint. 307 pages. Pull out maps throughout. Cond. Mint condition. £20.00 GBP

36686 BESIEGED – in Ladysmith. / Watkins-Pitchford, H. Paperback. Reprint. 129 Pages. Map at front and back. Cond. Very good, Very minor shelf wear. £30.00 GBP

36687 BLUE MOTEL. / Crowther, Peter. Paperback. Publ. 1994. 559 pages. Cond. Very good, looks unused. £12.50 GBP

36689 WARFARE IN THE CLASSICAL WORLD. / Warry, John. Hardback Publ.1980.234 Pages. colour illusts throughout. Cond Very good. £19.99 GBP

36690 BREAKING THE CHAINS, 14 Waffen-Grenadier Division der S.S.and Other Ukrainian Volunteer Formations, Eastern Front, 1941-45 (Stahlhelm) / Jurado, Carlos Caballero. Paperback. 250 pages. B/w Illustrations Cond. very good, bottom corner has minor shelf wear internally very good. £27.50 GBP

36691 ARMS AND UNIFORMS – The Age of Chivalry Part 3. / Funcken, Fred and Liliane. Hardback. Publ 1982. Detailed colour Illustrations throughout. Cond. very good. £19.99 GBP

36692 FEATHERSTONE'S COMPLETE WARGAMING. / Featherstone, Donald. Hardback. Publ. 1988. B/w & colour Illusts throughout. Cond. Very good dust cover a little worn due to shelf wear. £9.99 GBP

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