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Von Rotte Line Released for Flintloque

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Sumatran Rat Monkey Inactive Member writes:

Flintloque (and, by association, Slaughterloo, and AA in general) are one of those little facets of the hobby, for me- I don't play the games (I'm not much for fantasy, nor for that particular timeframe historically), and, to be honest, I doubt I ever will, as such.


I always enjoy seeing what new bit they've come out with, I follow their releases, I've purchased a few of the books simply to read them, and much like their 28mm sci-fi line, I actively try to find uses for assorted figures from their lines, so I have a reason to pick them up.

They're a decidedly bright spot in the hobby- plucky, creative, based on and propelled by the idea that these games we play should be fun and imaginative, and, at the end of the day, they really are everything I believe the hobby not only can be, but *should* be, and as such, I do what I can to support them, regardless of where they blip on my game interest radar.

Hats off, guys, and rest assured, I'll keep buying oddments and random bits for as long as you keep making them.

In fact, this entire dwarf set'll likely end up in my grubby bearpaw-sized meatpliers sooner or later, as part of a project the girlfriend and I have been hashing out, namely me assembling and painting some of fantasy armies to play with my future adoptive children, since they're both big LotR and PotC fanatics (boy's 9, girl's 11, almost 12), and it'd be a nice sort of bridge to build between them and I, to integrate the family as we head towards marriage and such.

So, anyway, yeah. Thanks, Alternative Armies, not just for this, but for everything, over the years- and especially for the ostensibly 15mm scale Psycoborgs, who're a centerpiece in my 28mm 'Chrome Plague' army I've devised, comprised entirely of skeletal robots, and cyborgs w/skull heads and assorted bone parts/adornment.

I'll quit rambling now, and hope I didn't bore anyone *too* badly. :)

- Monk

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Gavin Syme of Alternative Armies writes:

Hello, everyone!

Alternative Armies has just released two new packs of Dwarves with associated unit codes for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Here is some information, enjoy!

52018 Von Rotte Line Command


Three 28mm white metal Dwarves. Officer, Standard Bearer, Musician. Plastic Bases Supplied. £5.00 GBP

52019 Von Rotte Line Soldats


Three 28mm white metal Dwarves. Troopers with muskets. Plastic Bases Supplied.

52514-U Von Rotte Line

Twenty 28mm white metal Dwarves. Taken from packs 52018 and 52019. Plastic Bases Supplied.

You can read more about these codes, including background plus other images, on the Alternative Armies website here.

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