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New 15mm Miniatures from Blue Moon Manufacturing

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marius1214 writes:

Are the projected releases for the WW1 going to be cannon packs, Russians, and EW Germans in picklehaub? Already going to rejoin the OG army because of the ones I see here.

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MrsMiniatureships Sponsoring Member of TMP of Blue Moon Manufacturing writes:

Just in time for Cold Wars, Blue Moon Manufacturing is pleased to announce the first releases in our new 15mm range. Our first release includes The Old West, Pirates, and WWI. When completed, our new 15mm ranges will include buildings, ships, equipment, etc.

The Blue Moon 15mm codes available are:



German infantry, advancing

15WWI-100 Infantry Command (24 figs) $12.00 USD
15WWI-101 Infantry Advancing (50 figs) $25.00 USD
15WWI-102 Heavy and Light MG's with crew (32 figs/8 guns) $20.00 USD
15WWI-103 Flamethrowers (12 figs) $8.00 USD

German flamethrower


15WWI-200 Infantry Command (24 figs) $12.00 USD
15WWI-201 Infantry Advancing (50 figs) $25.00 USD
15WWI-202 Heavy and Light MG's with crew (32 figs/8 guns) $20.00 USD


15WWI-300 Infantry Command (24 figs) $12.00 USD
15WWI-301 Infantry Advancing (50 figs) $25.00 USD
15WWI-302 Heavy and Light MG's with crew (32 figs/8 guns) $20.00 USD


American machinegun and crew

15WWI-400 Infantry Command (24 figs) $12.00 USD
15WWI-401 Infantry Advancing (50 figs) $25.00 USD
15WWI-402 Heavy and Light MG's with crew (32 figs/8 guns) $20.00 USD

We will have more codes available in the WWI later this year.


Pirate captains

15BUC-100 Pirate Captains (10 figs) $8.00 USD
15BUC-101 Pirates and treasure (28 figs, 1 treasure chest and 1 pile of treasure) $15.00 USD
15BUC-102 European Captains/Sailors (6 Captains, 24 Sailors) $15.00 USD
15BUC-103 Artillery Guns (10 guns) $10.00 USD
15BUC-104 Artillery Crew (15 figs) $8.00 USD
15BUC-105 Civilians (22 figs, 1 desk, 3 chairs) $15.00 USD
15BUC-106 Man of War (ship comes with guns, dowels for masts and metal parts) $40.00 USD
15BUC-107 The Pirates Brigantine (ship comes with guns, dowels for masts and metal parts) $25.00 USD
15BUC-108 Eight Gun Barque (ship comes with guns, dowels for masts and metal parts) $30.00 USD
15BUC-109 Ten Gun Brig (ship comes with guns, dowels for masts and metal parts) $25.00 USD



Mounted cowboys

15OW-100 Cowboys (31 figures) $15.00 USD
15OW-101 Mounted Cowboys (30 figures/30 horses) $35.00 USD
15OW-102 Personalities/Outlaws/Banditos/Lawmen/Undertaker/Blacksmith 25 figures, 1 anvil, 1 coffin and 1 horse) $15.00 USD
15OW-103 Townsfolk (38 figures) $20.00 USD
15OW-104 Saloon Set (24 figures, bar counter and back bar, piano, 2 small round tables, 2 large tables, and 6 chairs) $20.00 USD
15OW-105 Casualties (10 figs) $8.00 USD
15OW-106 Gallows Set (gallows and 4 figures - 1 man hung, 1 waiting to be hung, preacher and hangman) $10.00 USD
15OW-107 Water Troughs/ Hitching posts (6 troughs, 6 hitching posts) $12.00 USD
15OW-108 Water Tower $15.00 USD
15OW-109 Six standing horses (saddled but no mounts) $6.00 USD

Western civilians
Gallows set


15BOW-100 Old West Building Set # 1 (3 buildings, lift off roofs) $60.00 USD
15BOW-101 Old West Building Set # 2 (3 buildings, lift off roofs) $60.00 USD
15BOW-102 Old West Building Set # 3 (3 buildings, lift off roofs) $60.00 USD
15BOW-103 Old West Building Set # 4 (3 buildings, lift off roofs) $60.00 USD
15BOW-104 Old West Building Set # 5 (3 buildings, lift off roofs) $60.00 USD
15BOW-105 Old West Building Set # 6 (3 buildings, lift off roofs) $60.00 USD
15BOW-106 Saloon (lift off roof) $60.00 USD
15BOW-107 Western Furniture (store fixtures, bank furniture, hotel furniture, pot belly stove, supplies) $20.00 USD
15BOW-108 Train Station (lift off roof) $40.00 USD
15BOW-109 Train Set (Fully operational, 1 engine, 2 coaches, 1 combine, 45' x 36' track layout and power pack) $150.00 USD

At Origins, we will be releasing our sci-fi rulebook Galactica War I. This sci-fi range will include figures, walkers, hover tanks and space stations, etc. Look for colored fliers coming soon!

At Historicon 2010, look for releases that will include The Little Big Horn, WSS, GNW and FIW. After that, look for releases including Napoleonics and ACW. We hope you, the 15mm collector and gamer, are excited about the direction that Blue Moon Manufacturing is taking.

This beautiful new line of 15mm figures will be available on both the and the websites.

As always, the 40% discount applies for our Old Glory Army members.

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