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Almost all of these will be available here at the shoppe in late June.

Miniatures & Wargame

Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain Remastered and upgraded version of TSR's Battle of Britain. Game Components – 1 Plotting Table (game board), map, campaign turn track, Damage Aircraft space; 19 Plastic Planes (12 British aircraft and 7 German aircraft) – more if stretch-goals are unlocked!; 1 Label Sheet (flight labels for British and German Aircraft bases); 4 British RAF Group Displays; 3 German Luftwaffe Displays; 1 German Target & British Production Track; 48 British RAF Squadron Cards; 10 Group – 9 squadron cards, 11 Group – 20 squadron cards, 12 Group – 13 squadron cards, 13 Group – 6 squadron cards; 112 German Luftwaffe Squadron Cards; Luftwaffe 2 – 51 squadron cards, Luftwaffe 3 – 52 squadron cards, Luftwaffe 5 (Norway Raid) – 9 squadron cards; 52 Mission Cards; 10 Group – 13 cards, 11 Group – 16 cards, 12 Group – 14 cards, 13 Group – 9 cards; 1 Game Marker punchboard containing: 21 Fuel tokens, 48 Double sided Bomb markers (1 to 2) (Knocked Out – both sides), 7 Radar Detection markers, 5 Non-Detected markers, 5 Double sided Dogfight markers (Dogfight – Intercept Dogfight), 1 Double sided Big Wing marker (Big Wing – Intercept Big Wing), 7 Bombing Run markers, 1 Campaign Turn Track marker, 14 Air Ace markers (7 British, 7 German); 12 Dice (6 White – British RAF Dice, 6 Black – German Luftwaffe Dice); and 1 rulebook. $85.00 USD


Mad Dogs & Englishmen: Colonial Wargaming in Times When the Sun Never Set

Mad Dogs & Englishmen: Colonial Wargaming in Times When the Sun Never Set Large-scale skirmish rules for the Indian Mutiny, that is easily adapted for other theaters and periods for skirmishes and battles between European and any native forces. The rules will even work if you want to pit a colonial German force against the French Foreign Legion, or for that matter, the British in South Africa against the Boers. Movement is randomized by using dice and you lose movement dice for bad terrain. It is easier to move and control units if there is a commander present. Firing and combat is based on the number of figures, plus or minus relevant factors. Damage either kills a figure or inflicts terror on the unit. Morale tests are triggered by extreme situations, or the gradual buildup of terror. $28.00 USD

What a Tanker: WWII Tank Combat Rules with Markers This version of the rules includes plastic markers. Game of WWII tank combat which focuses on the players taking command of one (or more) tanks and fighting their way through the battlefields of WWII using rolls of d6 dice. $59.00 USD

Uniform Guides…

Polish Soldiers During the Napoleonic Wars

Polish Soldiers During the Napoleonic Wars Contains two rare and fine collections of Dutch military prints with 100 color illustrations. The first collection by S.G. Casten covers uniforms and weapons during the Batavian Revolution 1787 to 1795. 79 plates (although original collection is missing plates 44, 46, and 47). The second collection is by Dutch draughtsman, painter and etcher Jan Hendrik Langendijk and covers the soldiers of Batavian Republic in 1799-1806. 17 engravings. $46.00 USD

German Paratroopers: Volume 3 – Uniforms and Equipment 1936-1945 This three-volume, 1,000 plus page work provides a comprehensive and detailed study of the World War II German paratrooper, including in-depth examinations of nearly every uniform item – including all models of jump smocks – and equipment used from the airborne forces' establishment in the mid-1930s to May 1945. Volume III: Insignia, Documents, Ephemera and Battles – Chapter 1: Paratroopers of the Army and others; Chapter 2: Paratrooper Badges, Cuff Titles, Unit Badges and Awards; Chapter 3: Dog Tags and Personal Documents; Chapter 4: Individual Groupings; Chapter 5: Mementos, Books and Printed Material; Chapter 6: Battle Honors of the Paratroopers (uniformed mannequins). $136.00 USD

Uniforms of Russian Army During the Napoleonic War

All told, Viskovatov's enormous work is based on a great quantity of archival documents and contains 4,000 colored and black-and-white illustrations. It is composed of 30 or 34 volumes (1st edition 1 to 30, St. Petersburg, 1841-62, and 2nd edition Volumes. 1 to 34, St. Petersburg-Novosibirsk-Leningrad, 1899-1948). Our new edition has revised the plates, including coloring many of the images so far available just in black-and-white. Also includes some rare color plates from private collectors.

Volume 17 – The Guard Cavalry: Hussars, Lancers and Cossacks During the Czar Alexander I era. $46.00 USD
Volume 18 – Guard Artillery, Engineers and Staff During the Czar Alexander I era. $49.00 USD
Volume 19 – The Guard Garrison, Invalids, Equipage and Other Corps During the Czar Alexander I era. $49.00 USD


English, Canadian, ANZAC & Indian Armies in the Great War

English, Canadian, ANZAC & Indian Armies in the Great War When you look at old black-and-white WWI photos, the past seems very far away. This contains colorized images of the WWI that feature the great battles of the war, but also life on the home front, wartime industries, hospitals, advances in the field of technology and communications, and more. Text is Italian and English. $42.00 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #369

Wargames Illustrated: Issue # 369 Theme Articles: The Diadochi: Wargaming with the successors of Alexander the Great; Battleday 2018: At the Society of Ancients Battle Day featured the first major battle of the Succession Wars – Paraitakene – in variety of figure sizes and using different rule systems; Biggin' it Up: Gaming the Battle of the Boyne and the War in Ireland at a smaller scale than their norm; Castles in the Sky: Battle of Almanza, 1707; Sun King's Imperial Guard: Beautifully painted miniatures; The Glorious Invasion: Glorious Revolution in England in 1688; and Wars of Succession in Plastic: 1/72nd and 1/32nd plastic products. Other Articles Include: Observation Post: What's new and upcoming; Rules Showcase 1914: WWI brigade-level rules and Great Escape Games' 12mm figure range; Hammerhead 2018 Painting Competition: Winners of our first painting competition at the show; Grand National 1694: Creating a Tactica participation game in 2018; Switching Sides to Survive: Late WWII Romanian Army and with the Bolt Action rules; Modeling – The Rise of the Aerosol: Part 2 of 3 on use of MDF; Schooling Borodino: Napoleonic game recap; The Host of Logres: Arthurian Warband for Dragon Rampant; Boulcotte's Farm: Scenario for British Empire in New Zealand with a surprise attack on a farm; Wargaming Spaces – Rick's Place: Rick Priestley's wargaming room; and more. $9.00 USD

Medieval Warfare: Volume 8.3 with the Battle of Vlaardingen Theme: The Battle of Vlaardingen: Overview: In the year 1018, a band of Frisian pirates face-off against the powerful Ottonian Empire. What happens will shock both sides; Origins of the German Empire – The rise of the Ottonians; Who could doubt that such a powerful army would prevail? – The Battle of Vlaardingen; No rabble at Vlaardingen – The Frisian militia system; and Further reading – Books and articles on the Ottonian Empire. Other Articles: A personal golden age of chivalry – The good duke; A heavenly assist on the battlefield – The warrior saints; With helmet, shield, and spear – The millennium warrior; But he bear a basilard – The dagger in medieval London; The buried warriors of Poland – Lutomiersk unveiled; The military ruse as a manifestation of prudence – The virtue of cunning; Warrior, saint, martyr – Joan of Arc on film; and more. $10.00 USD

More on the Website…

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