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unknown member writes:

Lots to paint so I can wait – and, who knows, I might finally take the plunge into Vietnam one day so I'll be watching for those releases. But if you must do separate pieces for the longhorns, do the whole head and not just the horns. Horns alone are just too fiddly.

SEAL teams and a more robust resin chopper (or a few, there were more than Hueys) would be great adds. LRRP is good but not SEAL team. Maybe some nurses and 'boom-boom' girls, too.

Good luck with the SCW and rules.

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unknown member of Peter Pig writes:

Hello, From Peter Pig SCW!

SCW Beret crew

A couple of new SCW 15mm beret packs (gun crew and command). Also a set of videos about the SCW rule mechanisms. This should make the rules even clearer.

Another new thing is our video product review. This first one is about the new armored trucks for the SCW (15mm). Future videos will review various PP products, including rules and scenery.

Thanks! (Off to SELWG Now!)

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