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OMM: 20% Off Wild West Skirmish Rules, Figures & Buildings

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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

Howdy, pardner, and belly up to the wargame table for a 20% discount on Wild West skirmish ruleset America's Olde West, Knuckleduster 28mm figures, and Empire Buildings pre-painted (but assembly required) Western town buildings. All these new releases are due in the shoppe in mid-to-late May.

Special Offer: 20%-Off Bundles

Pick one:

  1. Buy America's Olde West rules and any two or more Knuckleduster factions of miniatures and get 20% off the whole bundle.
  2. Buy America's Olde West rules and any two or more Empire buildings and get 20% off the whole bundle.
  3. Buy America's Olde West rules and any combination of two or more Empire buildings or Knuckleduster factions of miniatures and get 20% off the whole bundle.


America's Olde West: 28mm Skirmish Actions & Gunfights – 1836 to 1890

America's Olde West: 28mm Skirmish Actions & Gunfights – 1836 to 1890 Time to saddle up, pardner, and hit the trail to action in the Olde West, from the Comanche Wars (1836) to Wounded Knee (1890). This skirmish ruleset, an offshoot of the WWII Skirmish Action rules, certainly covers the traditional Wild West (post-ACW to 1880s), but the Indian Wars ranged over a far wider period and so does America's Olde West. Initiative is by faction (gang, squad, war party, posse, etc.), which usually numbers between four and ten, and each figure gets one action – Move, Shoot, Take Cover, and so on. Then each figure dices against its quality number for a second action… But, certain factions receive a second action without needing a roll. That offers subtle differences between factions.

All the popular weapons, such as Winchester '73 and Colt Peacemaker, are included in the weapon charts. Firing is a quick six-sided attacker die versus six-sided defender die, with the difference determining the result. Includes six pages of army lists: cowboys, U.S. cavalry, native Americans, gunfighters, outlaws, and factions, scenarios, and quick reference cards. Plays well on small kitchen tables. $29.00 USD

Knuckleduster Figures…

Mounted Cowboy Faction: 28mm-32mm Figures

All figures 28mm-32mm and supplied unpainted. Lead-free pewter.

Mounted Cowboy Faction: 28mm-32mm Figures Each of the six figures in the Cowboy Faction pack reproduced as a mounted figure, plus horses. $36.00 USD

Saloon Crowd Bystanders All of the saloon bystanders in one collection. Includes the newest saloon gal, Kansas City Sal. MDF slotta base included. $18.00 USD

Frontier Women Six female bystanders for your Wild West town. Includes women going about their daily chores of shopping, sweeping, tending to the young 'uns, and when completely fed up, packing a bag like Mary and taking the first stage out of Dodge! MDF slottabase included. $18.00 USD

Shopkeepers Six shopkeepers for your Wild West town going about their daily chores. MDF slottabase included. $18.00 USD

Laborer Bystander Faction Old West workers going about their daily labors – a blacksmith, gravedigger (or prospector, or ditch-digger), livery stable attendant, and men carrying various work-related items. MDF slottabase included. $18.00 USD

Mounted Cowboy Faction Each of the six figures in the Cowboy Faction pack reproduced as a mounted figure, plus horses. $36.00 USD

Mounted Vaquero Faction Six mounted figures with horses. These characters match the six characters in the Vaquero faction pack. These include the GBF figures Antonio, Arturo, Garcia, Heraclio, Lopez, and Shotgun Rodriguez. MDF slottabase included. $36.00 USD

Outlaw Faction Mounted The same characters in the Gunfighter's Ball Outlaw Faction, only mounted. Set includes six riders and six horses. MDF slottabase included. $36.00 USD

Earp Faction Wyatt, Virgil, Morgan, Doc (the Huckleberry Variant), plus Earp allies Texas Jack Vermillion and Turkey Creek Johnson. Supplied unpainted. MDF slottabases included. $18.00 USD

Cowboy Faction Curly Bill, Johnny Ringo, Billy Clanton, Tom Mclaury, Frank McLaury, and Ike Clanton, and instant gang of cowboys. Supplied unpainted. MDF slottabases included. $18.00 USD

Vaquero Faction Vaqueros Antonio, Arturo, Heraclio, Garcia, Lopez, and Shotgun Rodriguez; six of the Gunfighter's Ball vaquero figures in one pack. MDF slottabases included. $18.00 USD

Outlaws Faction John Wesley Hardin, Jim Taylor, Old Man Taylor, Sam Starr, Doboy Taylor, and Dumas Lemat. MDF slottabases included. $18.00 USD

Good Guys Faction Six campy characters who constitute a ragtag band standing against evil on the frontier. Includes The Duck, Elly, the Pegleg Deputy, Jimmy the singing quickdraw artist, Arkansas the riverboat gambler, and Chester, the drunk deputy. $18.00 USD

Pistol Packin' Mamas Faction Six ladies of the West, loaded for bear. MDF slottabase included. $18.00 USD

Starter Faction Six unique character types from some of Gunfighter's Ball's earliest sculpts – A cowboy, sheriff, saloon gal, southwestern gunfighter (Billy the Kid), hired gun, and bartender. MDF slottabase included. $18.00 USD

Pinkerton Faction This set includes several Pinkerton Men, as well as one Wells-Fargo shotgun messenger, a guard for stagecoaches and other situations where large amounts of money were handled. MDF slottabase included. $18.00 USD

Empire Buildings…

Empire Buildings: 28mm Wild West General Store

These 28mm Wild West buildings are pre-painted, but assembly is required.

General Store – $29.00 USD
Barber Shop – $29.00 USD
Carpenter Store – $29.00 USD
Hardware Store – $29.00 USD
Laundry – $29.00 USD
Land Agent – $29.00 USD
Saloon – $39.00 USD
Gunsmith Store – $39.00 USD
Undertaker – $39.00 USD
Wells Fargo Office – $39.00 USD
Mining Supplies Shop – $39.00 USD
Marshall's Office – $39.00 USD
Grand Hotel – $69.00 USD

Other Miniatures…

Test of Honour: The Onna-Bugeisha of Asakura

Test of Honour: The Onna-Bugeisha of Asakura The boxed set contains: Seven metal 28mm Onna-Bugeisha models, cards to play Test of Honour, and a campaign rules booklet. Onna-Bugeisha, female martial artists, are members of the samurai class and noblewomen trained to fight for their homes, their honor, and their family. These women were not ornaments; they were as dangerous as their male counterparts, amply able to defend their homes and property while the armies were away on campaign. Historically, Onna-Bugeisha have been associated with the Naginata and Kaiken as fighting weapons; one very long and one very short! That is not to say they were limited to those weapons and yumi, yari, katana, and teppo all feature in an Onna-Bugeisha's armory. $48.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $40.80 USD

Uniform Plates…

346: 3rd Infantry Regiment Principe Reale 1811-1815

346: 3rd Infantry Regiment Principe Reale 1811-1815 Uniform plate with 20, plus color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side. $14.00 USD

Scenario Books…

1812: The Left Wing of the Grand Armee – Scenarios

1812: The Left Wing of the Grand Armee – Scenarios Scenario book offers battles of the French invasion of Russia in 1812 by the left wing of the Grand Armee. Each scenario contains short history, color map with starting positions, and detailed OOBs with manpower numbers (not just number of bttns/sqdrns) for each infantry, cavalry, and gun formation. Front section contains quality type for each troop type, their fire combat rating and also quality ratings for senior commanders (Inspirational to Indifferent), while rear page offers weapon ranges and movement for each type of troop.

Book is for Carnage & Glory, but can be adapted to any Napoleonic rules system. Wirebound binding, so booklet lays flat. Scenarios: Jakubowo-Kliastitzy (July 30-31, 1812), Oboiarscine (August 1, 1812), Golovichitsa (August 1, 1812), Swolna (August 11, 1812), Polotsk: Day 1 (August 17, 1812), Polotsk: Day 2 (August 18, 1812), Polotsk II: Right Bank of Polota (October 18, 1812), Polotsk II: Left Bank of Polota (October 18, 1812), Bononia (October 20, 1812), Czarnicki (October 31, 1812), and Smoliany (November 14, 1812). $34.00 USD


Viking Warrior: Operations Manual

Viking Warrior: Operations Manual An in-depth look at the Viking warrior culture, from 700 to 1066, including their origins, and how they raided their way to expansion over much of the known world. Warrior culture, clan warfare, overlords and local kingdoms, their relationship with the sea and ships, raiding, harrying, and assimilation are all covered in the book. Includes 150 color and 50 black-and-white photographs. $37.00 USD

Montiel 1369: Jaque al rey. El fin de una dinastia Peter I of Castile battled his nobility, the neighboring Kingdom of Aragon, and especially his stepbrother Enrique de Trastamara for his throne in the fields of Montiel. Add the French, English, Portuguese, and Nasrids into the volatile mix and Castile became a war-torn Kingdom. This offers a detailed study of the causes of the war, its protagonists, and the two phases of the campaign. Black-and-white and color illustrations and maps. Spanish Text. $28.00 USD

Guerras Civiles II: La Independencia de Los Virreinatosde la Monarquoa Espanola: Volume 2 Includes: War in the Viceroyalty of new Grenada and the General-Captain of Venezuela; The expedition of Francisco de Miranda, Spring and summer of 1806; The Quito Revolt of August 10, 1809; The Caracas Rebellion, April 19, 1810; Rebellion in Santa Fe, July 20, 1810; The second revolt in Quito, August 2, 1810; The realistic reaction in Venezuela, the Monteverde counterattack in 1812; The war in new Granada between 1812 and 1813, campaigns of the Magdalena River in the north and realistic recovery of Quito in the south; Bolivar's admirable campaign, May-August 1813; Reorganization of the Independence Army in Venezuela at the end of 1813; Boves appears; The expeditionary Army of Pablo Morillo arrives in America, spring of 1815; The decisive campaign of Boyaca in Nueva Granada, summer of 1819; The irrigation uprising, the armistice of 1820, and the creation of the great Colombia; The decisive campaign of Carabobo in Venezuela, Spring and summer of 1821; The campaign of Pichincha, spring of 1822; and The last battles in Venezuela: Maracaibo and Puerto Cabello. Spanish Text. $28.00 USD

Hang Them All: George Wright and the Plateau Indian War Col. George Wright's campaign against the Yakima, Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, Palouse, and other Indian peoples of eastern Washington Territory was intended to punish them for a recent attack on another U.S. Army force. Wright had once appeared to respect the Indians of the Upper Columbia Plateau, but in 1858 he led a brief war noted for its violence, bloodshed, and summary trials and executions. Over 30 days, Wright's forces defeated a confederation of Plateau warriors in two battles, destroyed their food supplies, slaughtered animals, burned villages, took hostages, and ordered the hanging of 16 prisoners. $30.00 USD

The Indian Army in the First World War: New Perspectives Academic reassessment of the global role of the Indian Army during WWI. It looks at the historiography of the army – taking into account the recent work on the army (particularly on the Western Front in 1914-1915). Includes seven illustrations and two maps. Covers the traditional areas of the Indian Army on the Western Front, in Palestine, Mesopotamia and the defense of the Suez Canal; however, there are also chapters on combined operations; Indian prisoners of war in Germany and Turkey; the expansion of the officer corps; and the Sikh experience, as well as the mobilization of the equine army at the beginning of the war and the demobilization of the army in the period from 1918 until 1923. Three additional chapters are related to the theme, such as the role of the Royal Indian Marine; the Territorial Army in India; and Churchill's portrayal of the Indian Army during the Gallipoli campaign in his account, The World Crisis. $70.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $59.50 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Strategy & Tactics #311: Pacific Submarine

Strategy & Tactics #311: Pacific Submarine In this solitaire game, you, the player, represent the skipper of a U.S. submarine. Your task is to conduct patrols against the Japanese by supporting the U.S. fleets in combat, ambushing Japanese warships, carrying out covert operations in Japanese territory, and sinking merchant ships and tankers. You can conduct one of several individual patrols, or fight the whole campaign, with a goal of promotion to Captain-if you survive. Patrols are assigned by a die roll against a possible set of missions, but the set changes through the course of the war. In each, you move your boat across the situation map, that covers a quarter of the map, at 375 miles per hex, to the chosen island, ports, or shipping route. Some of the counters represent Japanese naval forces and installations, which you either seek or avoid depending on your mission. Each action covers one to three hexes and may result in enemy contact. Components: One 22 x 34-inch map, 280 counters, and magazine. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 10%. New price: $36.00 USD

More on the Website…

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