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New Plastic Leopard 1 for Team Yankee

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Battlefront Miniatures Sponsoring Member of TMP of Battlefront Miniatures writes:

NATO's Front Line Plastic Army Deal

NATO's Front Line Plastic Army Deal

NATO's troops stand ready on the border awaiting the Soviet onslaught, confident in their abilities and equipment they have been given.

This army deal contains the Leopard 1 tank and the PAH Anti-tank Helicopter. The Leopard 1 was originally a collaborative project between West Germany and France that the West Germans eventually took into full production, and quickly became the standard tank of many forces around the world. The PAH Anti-tank Helicopter originally selected because of its outstanding maneuverability. It is armed with six wire-guided HOT anti-tank missiles, three mounted on each side to destroy enemy tanks.

The NATO First Line Plastic Army Deal can be used to field West German, Canadian and Dutch Forces.

Leopard 1 Tank Platoon

Though lightly armored, the Leopard 1 tank is fast and well-armed, with a 105mm L7 gun that is more than capable of dealing with any scouting vehicles of Warsaw Pact.

The West German made Leopard 1 was adopted and used by Australian, Canadian and Dutch forces making it one of the most widely used tanks of the era.

The NATO Leopard 1 Tank Platoon Box can be used to field Canadian, Dutch and Australian Forces.

Leopard 1 Panzer Zug Platoon (Plastic)

Leopard 1 Tank Platoon (Plastic)

Even though the powerful Leopard 2 main battle tank is now in service throughout the Panzer brigades, the Leopard 1 tank has not been retired. One of its roles is now as part of the divisional Panzeraufklärungs battalions in the schwere Panzeraufklärungs Kompanien (heavy armored reconnaissance companies) and gemischte Panzeraufklärungs Kompanie (mixed armored reconnaissance company).

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