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18mm Napoleon in Egypt Released

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marmont1814 Sponsoring Member of TMP writes:

there will be one on the site later today, in about 2 hours to be precise

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marmont1814 Sponsoring Member of TMP of Lancashire Games writes:

New 18mm Napoleon in Egypt!

Our initial release of our Napoleon in Egypt range is now available, part two – the British will be coming soon!

Mamelukes Advancing


RWF50 – Infantry Advancing in Bicorne
RWF51 – Infantry Marching in Bicorne
RWF52 – Infantry Firing in Bicorne
RWF53 – Infantry Command in Bicorne
RWF54 – Infantry Flank Company Advancing in Bicorne
RWF55 – Infantry Flank Company Skirmishing in Bicorne
RWF56 – Infantry Advancing in Casket
RWF57 – Infantry Marching in Casket
RWF58 – Infantry Firing in Casket
RWF59 – Infantry Command in Casket
RWF60 – Infantry Flank Company Advancing in Casket
RWF61 – Infantry Flank Company Skirmishing in Casket
RWF62 – Dromedary Corps Mounted
RWF63 – Dromedary Corps Dismounted
RWF64 – Dragoons
RWF65 – Hussars
RWF66 – Foot Artillery Crew
RWF70 – Napoleon on Camel & Generals – £3.40 GBP
RWFD01 – Archaeologists and Rosetta Stone – £3.40 GBP



RWM01 – Mounted Generals
RWM02 – Mameluke Cavalry Charging with Lance
RWM03 – Mameluke Cavalry Charging with Sword
RWM04 – Mameluke Cavalry Advancing with Lance
RWM05 – Mameluke Cavalry Advancing with Sword
RWM06 – Mameluke Cavalry Standing with Lance
RWM07 – Mameluke Cavalry Standing with Sword
RWM08 – Mameluke Cavalry Attacking Square
RWM09 – Cairo Janissaries
RWM10 – Fellahin Foot
RWM11 – Fellahin Command
RWM12 – Albanian Artillery crew
RWM13 – Mameluke Foot Servants
RWM14 – Bedouin Cavalry with Spear
RWM15 – Bedouin Camelry with Spear
RWM16 – Mameluke Cavalry Command


RWT10 – Turkish Janissaries with Firearm

Standard packs – £2.60 GBP (10 foot, 4 mounted or 8 artillery crew), Command – £2.00 GBP (6 foot or 3 mounted).


Battle Packs

1 pack – £15.00 GBP, 2-3 packs – £14.00 GBP each, and 4 plus – £13.00 GBP each, (contents 60 foot, 24 mounted or 8 artillery pieces and crews)

RBP121 – French Infantry Advancing/Firing Egyptian Uniform
RBP121 – French Infantry Marching Egyptian Uniform
RBP123 – French Dromedary Corps 16 mounted/20 foot
RBP124 – French Cavalry Hussars and Dragoons
RBP125 – French Infantry Advancing/Firing Bicorne
RBP126 – French Infantry Marching Bicorne
ARP200 – French Foot Artillery
RBP135 – Mamelukes Charging
RBP136 – Mamelukes Advancing
RBP137 – Mamelukes Standing
RBP138 – Bedouin Cavalry
RBP139 – Bedouin Camelry
RBP140 – Mameluke Foot Servants and Cairo Janissaries
RBP141 – Fellahin Foot


Coming Next Month! More 18mm ACW – the Cavalry

If 15:18mm is not your scale, then our 10mm Blaze Away ACW range might be!

So check out our site with figures from 10mm ACW.


Our Next Show is Salute

This year, I'm coming down with S and A Scenics to help on his stand and to bring even more of our battle packs, so pop along for a very quick chat and don't forget to save money and time pre-order, as all pre-orders of £75.00 GBP, plus orders get a 10% discount!


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