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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

Almost all of these will be available here at the shoppe in mid-June, some in mid-July (as noted).


Victrix Gallic Cavalry: 28mm Plastic Miniatures

Victrix Gallic Cavalry: 28mm Plastic Miniatures Box contains twelve mounted figures (assembly required) representing armored noble cavalry. Separate heads allowing multiple variants and choice of arms for javelins, spears, swords, musician and standardbearer. Includes optional cloaks and mix of round shields. Can be used as Gallic cavalry against the Romans, Roman Allied cavalry to fight against the Germans, and mercenaries in a Carthaginian army. $36.00 USD


Napoleon at Dresden: The Battles of August 1813

Napoleon at Dresden: The Battles of August 1813 New Edition. This is the second in a three-volume series on the 1813 campaign, and the first significant study on the 1813 campaign since Petre. Unlike the other English works on the campaign, it was prepared using French archival and published sources, as well as German, Danish and Russian published sources. Discusses every battle and significant action in all parts of Germany – including various sieges. Detailed color maps support the major battles, and a large collection of orders of battle drawn from the French Archives, as well as period-published documents, support the discussion of the campaign, complemented by a large selection of images. Both images and maps are new to this edition of the work. Includes 100 illustrations and maps. $70.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $59.50 USD
The Last Army: The Battle of Stow-on-the-Wold and the End of the Civil War in the Welsh Marches 1646

The Last Army: The Battle of Stow-on-the-Wold and the End of the Civil War in the Welsh Marches 1646 Although the Battle of Naseby (14 June 1645) is generally regarded as the decisive action of the First Civil War, dooming the Royalist cause to inevitable defeat, fierce fighting continued for over a year, including several pitched battles and numerous sieges. Includes 30 illustrations, including color artwork, maps, contemporary prints, portraits, and modern photos. Available mid-July. $33.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $28.05 USD

John Forbes: Scotland, Flanders and the Seven Years' War, 1707-1759 In November 1758, Brigadier General John Forbes's army expelled the French army from Fort Duquesne at the forks of the Ohio River. Over seven months Forbes had coordinated three obstructive and competitive colonies, managed Indian diplomacy, and cut a road through over a hundred miles of mountain and forest. This is the first full biography of Forbes, which traces his rise from surgeon in the Scots Greys to distinguished service in War of the Austrian Succession before his 1757 posting to North America. $40.00 USD

Th3 Russo-Turkish WAR, 1768-1774: Catherine II and the Ottoman Empire The Russo-Turkish War was one of the most decisive conflicts of the 18th Century. In this book, Brian Davies offers a thorough survey of the war and explains why it was crucial to the political triumph of Catherine the Great, the southward expansion of the Russian Empire, and the rollback of Ottoman power from southeastern Europe. $36.00 USD

The Russian Army in the Great Northern War 1700-21: Organisation, Materiel, Training and Combat Experience, Uniforms Describes the armed forces of Peter the Great in its entirety, and covers in depth old Russian troops and irregulars, as well as Peter's new standing army (guards, infantry, dragoons, elite units and artillery) and his brand-new force (the navy, with sailing ships and galleys, and marines). Besides the staffing, organization and development of troops, the book gives detailed account of uniforms, weapons and other materiel (both conventional and unusual). Training is described using drill manuals and tactical instructions of the period, and fighting methods actually performed on the battlefield are described – based on first-hand accounts and period observations from Russian, Swedish and impartial sources. Pitched battles that often predominate in descriptions of early-18th Century warfare are given their due in the book; however, linear tactics on the field were not the only – nor even the main – type of actions during the Great Northern War, so the author goes into details of the sieges, small war actions and riverine, lake and naval combats. Includes 32 color plates, 30 black-and-white illustrations, and maps. Available mid-July. $60.00 USD

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The Journal of Trooper Samuel Gallagher, 5th Dragoon Guards in Spain, Portugal and France, 1810-15 The only published memoir from the 5th Dragoon Guards. Samuel saw action in the Peninsular War covering the sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz, the actions of Usagre and Llerena, Salamanca, entry into Madrid and subsequent retreat, Vitoria and blockade of Pamplona, followed by the Battles of Nive, Orthez and Toulouse. Remarkably, he was never seriously wounded during his career. He joined the 10th Hussars in 1815 just after Waterloo. $32.00 USD

F-15 Eagle: in Action After briefly considering a lightweight, single-engine fighter, a concept discarded in light of the shortcomings of the F-104, Project Definition Phase contracts were issued to Fairchild-Republic, McDonnell Douglas, and North American Rockwell on December 30, 1968. After considering the proposals advanced by all three firms, a design and development contract was issued to McDonnell Douglas for the aircraft that would be designated F-15. Illustrated with over 170 color and black-and-white photos, five color profiles, line drawings, and data table. $20.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $17.00 USD

Japanese Destroyer Shimakaze The Imperial Naval Staff demanded the development of a destroyer project with powerful weaponry and capable of reaching speed of 40 knots. The project was approved and marked with the symbol F52 and was included in the financial plan of 1939 Maru Yon. According to the project, the armament was to consist of three two-barrel 127mm gun turrets, and two seven-tube torpedo launchers. Due to the heavy weight of the tubes and the inability of emergency manual control of the launchers, this idea was abandoned. In connection with this, a project was prepared and the construction of the Japanese destroyer with the number 125 later named Shimakaze commenced. Includes 152 images. $37.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $31.45 USD

Japanese Cruiser Maya At the beginning of 1943, following defeat in the Guadalcanal campaign, the Navy Technical Department and the High Command of the Imperial Japanese Navy strove to increase the defensive potential of all their warships. Apart from standard refits of the majority of the Imperial Japanese Navy units, a plan was adopted which called for reconstruction of two Takao-class heavy cruisers into anti-aircraft units. Through a coincidence, only the Maya underwent such a conversion. This publication shows the cruiser in her anti-aircraft configuration and briefly describes her career. Includes 152 images. $37.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $31.45 USD

Drive on Moscow 1941, The: Operation Taifun and Germany's First Great Crisis of World War II Paperback Edition. Based on numerous archival records, personal diaries, letters, and other sources, recreates the battle from the perspective of the soldiers as well as the generals. The battle, not fought in isolation, had a crucial role in the overall German strategy in the east, and its outcome reveals why the failure of the German assault on Moscow may well have been the true turning point of World War II. $13.00 USD

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Images at War Series…

Axis Armored Fighting Vehicles of the Second World War: Images of War series

Axis Armored Fighting Vehicles of the Second World War: Images of War series During WWII, the Axis deployed a vast array of armored fighting vehicles to support their tanks and infantry. These included tank destroyers, reconnaissance vehicles, flame-thrower vehicles, and self-propelled artillery pieces. Includes 250 color and black-and-white images. $25.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $21.25 USD

Normandy 1944: The Battle for Caen – Images of War series Caen, a D-Day objective on 6 June 1944, did not fall to the British and Canadian troops of Second Army until 6 August, by which time much of the city had been reduced to rubble. Describes the two-month struggle was a crucial stage in the Normandy campaign. Includes 200 photographs. $25.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $21.25 USD

Hitler Versus Stalin: The Eastern Front 1944-1945 – Warsaw to Berlin. Images of War series In the fourth and final volume of Nik Cornish's photographic history of WWII on the Eastern Front and the defeat of the German army, the destruction and occupation of the cities in eastern Germany and the humiliation of the German people are shown in mostly unpublished wartime photographs. Includes 200 illustrations. $25.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $21.25 USD

Magazines With Wargames…

World at War 61: Peaks of the Caucasus

World at War 61: Peaks of the Caucasus Simulates the German offensive in the southern Soviet Union in 1942, and the ensuing Soviet Counteroffensive. The German objective was initially the Caucasus oilfields, but the campaign turned into a struggle for the city of Stalingrad on the Volga. The game uses a variant of the Boots system to model higher echelon command-control and logistics, and their impact on the theater of operations. The map is divided into two sectors – Stalingrad and the Caucasus. Various Command markers will activate a player's forces on one or the other (and sometimes both) fronts. Effectively, the player is in command of theater forces and must operate within historically based high command interference in operations.

Each game turn represents one month of operations. Each hex is about 100 kilometers across. Most ground units represent two to six divisions. The game scenarios start in July after the first phase of the German Fall Blau (Plan Blue) offensive, which commenced on 28 June 1942, at the point where Army Group South was divided into Army Groups A and B. Components: 22 x 34-inch map, 176 die-cut counters. Includes magazine. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 10%. New price: $36.00 USD

Modern War #36 Cold Start: The Next Indo-Pakistan War Strategic-level, two-player wargame of low-intermediate complexity that covers the campaign that could occur if the Indians decide to try for the big win over long-time opponent Pakistan. The title comes from the fact Cold Start is the phrase used by the Indian military to describe their officially declared policy of eschewing the first use of nuclear weapons in any future war with Pakistan.

The game's sub-systems are crafted to present a supreme-commander's-eye-view of such a war. It's therefore almost fully strategic in its perspective, with only the most pastel of operational and tactical undertones added to enhance its tone and texture in those regards. Takes two experienced players only about two hours to complete, and it's adaptable for solitaire play. Components: 22 x 34-inch map, 176 die-cut counters. Includes magazine. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 10%. New price: $36.00 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Miniature Wargames: Issue #423

Miniature Wargames: Issue # 423 Articles include: Forward Observer: New products from FireForge, Perry, Warlord, PSC, Cavalier, and more; Send Three and Fourpence: Why buy so many rulesets?; Tales of the Towpath: Build a canal; Command Decision: Spotsylvania County, Virginia, May 1st 1863 scenario; Joy of Six: Hooray for Hollywood: Using scriptwriting techniques to improve scenario design; Fantasy Facts: New products from Crooked Dice, Code Orange Games, Brigade and more; Salute Winners: Painting competition winners at this year's Salute show; Scouting Parties: A pre-release peek of new Mantic Fantasy Skirmish system; Dwarven Conversions: Converting North Star's new plastic Dwarf figures; Light Division: Napoleonic rules for those with limited space; It's on the Cards: Card-driven activation system for Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame; Recce: Book releases; Wargames Widow: Gardens; A Moveable Feast: Recap of Hammerhead 2018; and more. $9.00 USD

More on the Website…

Visit for all our stock in the shoppe. If you need additional information, don't hesitate to email or phone 609-466-2329. We are also offering used books and wargames (usually one copy each) on our website. Note that if you subscribed to our e-Flyer, you would have had first crack at them. Just drop an email to us to be put on our email list.

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