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Darkoath Inactive Member writes:

Ohhh and I would probably contact ACWGamer and get information about the rules into that great e-zine.

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Dave Ryan Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

Bonnie Blue Flag

Bonnie Blue Flag
Kevin Calder
ISBN: 978-1-85818-737-2
£13.99 GBP

Bonnie Blue Flag
A Review by Charles S Grant

There will a group of wargamers who will be absolutely delighted to set these rules in print. The reason quite simply is that they have been playing with them for more than three years and they, and that includes me, love them. Kevin Calder introduced his American Civil War rules to the League of Gentlemen Wargamers three years ago and we have used them many times since. The group is made up of a dozen or so like minded individuals who meet for a weekend of wargaming three times a year. A good number of us have taken Kevin's rules away and continued to use them. These rules have not just been play tested, they have been played and played and we are delighted with them.

So enough of the plaudits – what makes them so special? Well first and for most they are quick to learn. Newcomers to the rules tend to be able to play without any assistance, except for resolving more complex issues, with an hour or two. They work on an attrition points system represented by small marker dice so figures are not removed. Therefore, while base sizes are recommended, the rules can work with most bases sizes and figure number, although six bases are the usual for a unit of infantry. Importantly the rules produce a game which reflects our understanding of the period.

The rules work equally well for small scenarios, for example with a brigade of four infantry battalions, a battery of guns and a unit of cavalry a side or for much bigger multi-player games. Most recently twelve players were locked in battle for a day and a half and great fun it was.

Those who know me will recall that my son Charlie and I generally use my own rules. These are the exception. We are hugely enthusiastically about them and indeed with Kevin's help we have developed them for some other periods – but that is another story.

By now, you will have realized that I am hugely enthusiastic about Bonnie Blue Flag. In an era when new rulesets come out on a weekly basis, for me this is the one to buy. I can't wait for the next game. So to conclude, in the words of the author, "In summary Bonnie Blue Flag will give you a fast paced and enjoyable game where victory can never be taken for granted." If a fun set of American Civil War rules are what you are after then these may be just what you are looking for, give them a go and remember – Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag.

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