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WWI Painting Guides & Rules Pre-Order This Week at Caliver

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Atheling writes:

Well worth buying IMHO. I've been following Marks Blog, Over Open Sights for years and I have picked up a many handy hints over the years.

Gewalthaufen- Late C15 to Early Renaissance Blog:
Just Add Water Painting and Wargaming Blog:
La Journee HYW Warfare- Painting & Wargaming Blog:

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Dave Ryan Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

The much-anticipated wargames painting guide to the Ottoman Empire and her German and Austrian allies is shipping now, and we are taking post-free worldwide pre-orders on the eagerly awaited Napoleonic fast-play rules Bataille Empire.

Painting World War One

H27847 – Painting World War One 28mm wargaming figures: The Middle Eastern Theaters 2) Ottoman Empire & Her German & Austrian Allies/Hargreaves, Mark, 2nd volume in the Partizan Press painting guide series. 88 pages, large format, all-color paperback. Infantry, camels, horses, conversion hints, etc. £22.50 GBP

H27826 – GBX129 Sd Kfz 250 Transports/Flames of War. Post-free worldwide. £25.50 GBP

H27827 – GBX142 Panzer IV Tank Platoon/Flames of War. Post-free worldwide. £25.50 GBP

H27828 – GBX144 5cm Tank Hunter Platoon/Flames of War. £15.30 GBP

H27829 – GBX147 Sdkfz 10/4 Light AA Platoon/Flames of War. £20.40 GBP

H27830 – GBX148 7.5cm Tank Hunter Platoon/Flames of War. £20.40 GBP

H27831 – GBX150 Armored Reconnaissance Company HQ/Flames of War. £10.20 GBP

H27832 – GBX172 Puma Scout Troop/Flames of War. £20.40 GBP

H27833 – GBX174 Mobelwagen 3.7cm AA Tank Platoon/Flames of War. £24.65 GBP

H27834 – GBX175 8.8cm Tank Hunter Platoon/Flames of War. £20.40 GBP

H27835 – GBX176 Sd Kfz 250 Scout Troop/Flames of War. £15.30 GBP

H27836 – GE570 15cm Infantry Gun Platoon/Flames of War. £11.50 GBP

H27837 – GE579 7.5cm Infantry Gun Platoon/Flames of War. £11.50 GBP

Bataille Empire

H27850 – Bataille Empire: Napoleonic rules/post-free worldwide pre-order. From the L'art de la Guerre stable. Bataille Empire is a set of game rules for miniatures that covers the period of the Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire, between 1792 and 1815. The game scale is at battalion or regimental level. You can play with any scale of miniatures from 6mm to 28mm. The rules are compatible with all basing systems, and it is possible to play with different basing per side. £32.00 GBP

H27840 – SD.KFZ 251/1 AUSF B STUKA ZU FUSS – Zvezda – Z6243. £4.00 GBP

H27841 – London's Armed Police: Up Close and Personal/Smith, Stephen. 310-pages, mint hardback, very well illustrated in color. Detailed look at police operations and recent incidents. £19.50 GBP

H27842 – Balloons and Airships: A Tale of Lighter Than Air Aviation/Burton. 210 pages, mint hardback, illustrated. £12.99 GBP

H27843 – Two Eleanors of Henry III: The Lives of Eleanor of Provence and Eleanor de Montfort/Baker. 250 pages, mint hardback, illustrated in color. £12.99 GBP

H27844 – Lost Heirs of the Medieval Crown: The Kings and Queens Who Never Were/Andrews. 200 pages, mint hardback, illustrated. £9.99 GBP

H27845 – With the German Guns: Four Years on the Western Front/Sulzbach. 260 pages, mint paperback, illustrated. One of the must-have WWI memoirs. £6.50 GBP

H27846 – German Flak Defenses vs Allied Bombers – Osprey Duel 98. £12.50 GBP

The Albedo Miniatures Game Rulebook

H27851 – ACP 164: The Albedo Miniatures Game rulebook – new large format, full-color paperback. £20.00 GBP

H27852 – ACP 164: Albedo The Almata Campaign Book – new large format, full-color paperback. £18.00 GBP

H27853 – ACP 164: Albedo Sourcebook – new large format, full-color paperback. £18.00 GBP

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