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These items are coming into the shoppe, mostly in mid-to-late-September.


Field of Glory: Version 3.0

Field of Glory: Version 3.0 – Ancient and Medieval Wargaming Rules The third edition of rules for the ancient and medieval worlds includes: The complete rules with clear explanations of how-to-play; diagrams illustrating all key points; photographs of miniatures in action; detailed artwork for creative reference; and four army lists for immediate play (future army supplements coming). Available in early October. $48.00 USD

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Tribal: Honor is Everything (Skirmish Rules)

Tribal: Honor is Everything (Skirmish Rules) Tribal the skirmish combat game in a pre-gunpowder tribal/clan setting. In this book you get: the basic rules; optional rules for missile fire, dirty tricks and honor pools, four scenarios you can play in a variety of tribal settings; in-depth explanation of culture, weapons and combat for Maori, Vikings, Aztecs, and Gladiators; extra rules for Stone-Age, Heian Japanese, and Iroquois.

Firstly, honor is used to drive the narrative of the game. Players are rewarded in honor for the things that they do in the battle. Honor determines who wins Tribal rather than the normal determinants of wargames (killing enemy/taking ground). In turn, honor is a dynamic part of the game – it can be won and lost during combat, the deeds of combatants can win or lose honor, players can spend honor to do dirty tricks to win combats etc.

Secondly, the game is played with a normal deck of cards. Cards determine movement, unit activation and – most importantly – combat. While cards still have the randomness of the draw from the deck, players can actually be involved in the combat through playing/holding particular cards. Attacking, defending, waiting for an opening, bluffing the opponent – these are all strategies the player can use in a round of tribal combat. There are plans for future supplements involving Stone-Age cave wars, Modern-Day rioting/Gang warfare, and Polynesian Islanders. $26.00 USD

Primeval: Supplement for Tribal (Skirmish Rules)

Primeval: Supplement for Tribal Skirmish Rules Primeval goes back to the era of the Dawn of Man, when humanity was first establishing itself across the harsh landscapes of a prehistoric world. You need a copy of the Tribal core rules to use this product. Primeval contains New Skills, Factions, Scenarios, and The Wild – rules for introducing wild animals in to your games. Also, The Hunt: a four-scenario mini-campaign which sets two tribes against each other. $26.00 USD


Bayerische Fahnen: Military Flags of Bavaria

Bayerische Fahnen: Military Flags of Bavaria This richly-illustrated book about the military flags of Bavaria from the beginnings of the Ducal Army being in the 16th Century to the end of the Royal Army in 1919. Includes 600 photos and illustrations.

The beginnings of the history of the flag are in the Landsknecht banners for the short-lived army contingents of the 16th Century. Only the actual history of Bavarian field characters begins with the large army armor of the Thirty Years War (1618-48). That Bayern played a special role as a champion of the Catholic war party here, a great variety of religious symbols on the flags symbolically expressing.

Since the 17th Century, the flag image was always marked by the blue and white colors of the House and the coat of arms of the Wittelsbach dynasty. To a change in the symbolism of the ruling elector entered with each change of Government. Because every change of ruler put the flags on his stamp, they always offered a vivid mirror image for the political transformation of this epoch. $135.00 USD

Monte Cassino: January-May 1944 – The Legend of the Green Devils In early 1944, two Allied armies were ready to launch a massive assault against German forces in central Italy so they could then march northwards to Rome. There were three routes available to get there. The fastest one passed through the Liri valley, but the entrance was blocked by the rugged Monte Cassino massif, with its hilltop medieval monastery and the town below.

In front of them ran the Gustav Line: the most formidably constructed defensive line the Western Allies would ever come up against. The second possible route would be to outflank the Gustav Line to reach the valley, but they would then also have to capture the innumerable rough peaks and ridges along the massif, on a treacherous terrain that only favored the defenders.

The third and final option would be to breach the Gustav Line directly in front of the town, which would mean engaging in costly house-to-house fighting until they dug out the very last of the stubborn German paratroopers lurking beneath the rubble. They decided to try all three, but none of them were easy, and all proved deadly. $30.00 USD

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Blitzkrieg: Myth, Reality, and Hitler's Lightning War – France 1940 Reprint. In the spring of 1940, Nazi Germany launched a military offensive in France and the Low Countries that married superb intelligence, the latest military thinking, and new technology. In just six weeks, the Nazis outflanked the large French army, sewed chaos, and took Paris, achieving what the Germans had failed to accomplish in World War I. Yet, much of our understanding of this victory, and blitzkrieg itself, is based on myth.

The tactic was not really new, and far from being a forgone victory, Hitler's invasion was incredibly risky and could easily have failed had the Allies been even slightly less inept or the Germans less fortunate. And while speed and mechanization were essential, 90% of Germany's ground forces were still reliant on horses, bicycles, and their own feet for transportation. Their surprise victory proved the apex of their achievement. Far from being invincible, the campaign revealed Germany's vulnerabilities, lessons not learned by Hitler as he began to plan for the invasion of the Soviet Union. Includes nine maps. $20.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $17.00 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #360

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #360 Theme: Revolution: You Say You Want a Revolution: Opportunities to game revolutions; The AWI…AR/RW: Brief guide to gaming the American Revolution; Wars of James II: Part 3 – Revolutionary actions; The Helder Campaign: Holland 1799 – French Revolutionary Wars; So You Want to Fight the Russian Revolutions? 1917 Russian Revolution; and Animal Farm II – Snowball's Return: Expands upon Orwell's novel.

Other Articles: Observation Post: What's New; Blood Red Skies: WWII Rules Showcase; Historicon 2017: Convention Recap; Forager: Designer's Notes of Napoleonic skirmish game; Here Comes the Sun: North European Bronze Age Armies in Dragon Rampant rules; Sarissa: Company Profile – MDF Manufacturers; Cambrai at Partizan: Recap of convention display game; Modeling Tricks and Tips: Explosions; and Figure Directory. $9.00 USD

Ancient History Magazine #12 Theme: Medicine and Healing in the Ancient World: Bringer of Good Health to the Whole World: The Arts of Asclepius; Dioscorides and De Materia Medica: Recipes for Ancient Medicine; Curing the Sick for Over 1,000 years: Asclepius: The Ancient God of Healing; Quick Fixes for Bleeding Wounds: First Century First Aid; Rimini's House of the Surgeon: An Uprooted Tree; Medicine in the Roman Legions: Healing at the Edges of Empire; Epidaurus and the Cult of Asclepius: Sweet Dreams; The Creation of Female Bodies: Hippocratic Gynaecology; Male Infertility in Ancient Greece: Not Always Virile; and Suggested Reading for this Issue: Just What the Doctor Ordered.

Other Articles: Celebrating Beer Since 1800 BC: The World's Oldest Drinking Song; To Burn their Sons and Daughters in the Fire: Child Sacrifice in Ancient Carthage; Geography Becomes Identity: The Origins of Rome's Seven Hills; The Roman Army on Screen, Part VIII: Barabbas (1961) and Pontius Pilate (1962); and Claim: The Jewish Temple was not on the Temple Mount: Sacred Space. $11.00 USD

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