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Russ Lockwood writes:

Web site is

Contains a variety of information. In short: Card-based activation by squad or vehicle, two actions per activation (but some second activations require a Quality check), d6 combat based on individual weapon characteristics (figures fire what they got individually), nicely integrated combat results table, and plays pretty quick with each player fielding a platoon.

Ran a number of well-received games at Fall-In. Pegasus Bridge was a real nice-looking one. Been picking up interest of late.

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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

Start the New Year Right With a Special Combo Deal From OMM

Buy the hot new World War II skirmish miniature ruleset, Skirmish Action, at full price and get one box of Warlord Games WWII 28mm plastic infantry for 50% off! Buy two rulesets and get two boxes at 50% off – it's a great way to start up a WWII skirmish force.

Skirmish Action

Skirmish Action Info

Skirmish Action covers 1939 to 1945 with major unit Army Lists for German, U.S., Soviet, British, French, Japanese, Italian, and Polish forces, complete with points system for tournament games – wide variety of infantry and vehicle weapon types included. System offers variable initiative, d6 system, status markers, FoW conversion, scenarios, quick reference sheets, sample historical OBs, and full website support at

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Go to OMM Skirmish Action Special Combo Deal.

And click on link Skirmish Action rules and miniatures on left side of the page.

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