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RENAISSANCE CONQUISTADORS: 28mm Miniature Box set allows you to build up to 24 plastic 28mm soldiers equipped with sword, spear, halberd, crossbow and musket with additional options for pike and two-handed swords. A mix of hat and helmet types will expand their use to the battlefields of Europe in the 16th century. $35.00 USD

RENAISSANCE AZTEC WARRIORS: 28mm Miniatures Box set allows you to build up to 30 plastic 28mm warriors equipped with bow, atlatl, machuahuitl, spears, slings, and more, along with a variety of body and head types to build many of the warrior types. There are also components to build a full command. $35.00 USD

WWII PANZER LEHR DIVISION: 28mm Miniatures Box set allows you to build up to 30 plastic 28mm WWII infantry that can be used with Bolt Action and other rulesets. $35.00 USD

WWII ITALIAN INFANTRY: 28mm Miniatures Box set allows you to build up to 32 plastic 28mm WWII infantry that can be used with Bolt Action and other rulesets. Includes an incredible number of head options for different units and theaters and also two HMGs. $35.00 USD



BAGRATION BERLIN: Scenario Book One Operation Bagration was the codename for the 1944 Soviet Belorussian Strategic Offensive Operation a military campaign fought between 23 June and 19 August 1944 in Soviet Byelorussia in the Eastern Front of World War II. The Soviet Union destroyed 28 of 34 divisions of Army Group Center and completely shattered the German front line. Bagration to Berlin provides the TO&E for the German and Russian Divisions that took part in this theatre from Spring of 1944 to the fall of Germany in Spring of 1945. Also included are designer notes and the scenario The Battle of Targul Frumos, May 1944 where the Panzer Grenadier Division Grossdeutschland commanded by Lieutenant General Von Manteuffel, the Panzer Baron, made a gallant stand in Romania. New rules include ranged fire by heavy anti-tank guns and tank riders. Includes designer notes and much more. $18.00 USD

BLOOD & PLUNDER: Fire On The Frontier

BLOOD & PLUNDER: Fire On The Frontier Supplement to the original Blood & Plunder rulebook includes force lists for frontier fighting incorporating new units and models; Historical background to War on the Frontier – King Philips and King Williams wars; New Historical Characters; New, expanded rules for including fortifications in your games; Exciting new scenarios for War on the Frontier; and more. $35.00 USD

STARGRAVE: The Last Prospector

STARGRAVE: The Last Prospector The second supplement for Stargrave offers a host of new scenarios and rules for gaining political backing as you fight across the ravaged galaxy. In this supplement for Stargrave, the crews must travel from asteroid to asteroid, and even down to the system's single, barely inhabitable planet, searching for a man who claims to have discovered a big score. During their journey, players will fight through numerous different environments – including asteroid mines, zero gravity, and even hellish jungle. Captains must curry favor with the various small political factions that hold power in the Belt. Only through a combination of wits, diplomacy, and weapons can players hope to reach the last prospector and gain a share of his claim. $30.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $25.50 USD



063 VIKING WARRIOR vs FRANKISH WARRIOR: Francia 799-911 Combat Men series. Examines the evolving trial of strength between the Vikings and the Franks under Charlemagne and his successors. Through a careful synthesis of primary sources, expert analysis and the archaeological record, the author invites the reader to visualize the fighting men who fought one another in Francia, and offers a balanced assessment of their successes and failures over decades of warfare during the Viking Age. $22.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $18.70 USD

082 WALTHER PISTOLS: PP, PPK AND P 38 Weapon series. While the PP and PPK were intended for police work, the Walther P 38 was produced for the Germany military; all three pistols have garnered a formidable international reputation since the 1930s. Assesses the origins, development, use and legacy of these three high-profile semi-automatic pistols, alongside other Walther variants, such as the tiny.25 ACP Modell 9. $22.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $18.70 USD

120 SU-152/ISU-152 vs TIGER: Eastern Front 1943-45 New Vanguard series. Describes the mighty duels fought between these opposing AFVs. The color illustrations explore key details of both the SU-152/ISU-152 and Eastern Front Tigers, including armament, ammunition and crew positions, and the period photographs show rarely seen views of these iconic AFVs in action. How each attempted to best the other using its strengths and advantages is documented across a wide range of dramatic Eastern Front armored battles. $22.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $18.70 USD

305 WARSHIPS IN THE BALTIC CAMPAIGN 1918-20: Royal Navy Takes on the Bolsheviks New Vanguard series. Explores the naval side of this little-known but strategically crucial campaign fought by the war-weary navies of Britain and Russia and by warships of the emerging Baltic states. Describing the political background to the conflict, and the key points of the naval campaign as well as the warships involved, this is a concise and fascinating account of an overlooked naval campaign that helped reshape the map of Europe. $19.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $16.15 USD

375 EAST CHINA SEA 1945: Climax of the Kamikaze Campaign series. Explores the air-sea aspects of the pivotal battles that took place, and includes the death ride of the Japanese battleship Yamato (the largest ever built), and the mass kamikaze attacks off Iwo Jima and Okinawa, as well as the Iwo Jima and Okinawa amphibious invasions and the naval and air bombardments of the two islands. It also considers the contribution of the U.S.A.AF and the British Pacific Fleet to the eventual victory of U.S. air and ground forces. $24.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $20.40 USD

245 THE DUTCH RESISTANCE 1940-45: World War Resistance and Collaboration in the Netherlands Elite series. Comprehensive account of one of the lesser-known struggles of World War II. From spring 1943 onwards, three Dutch Resistance organizations gained momentum: the Order Service (OD), the Resistance Council (RVV), and the National Assault Teams (LKP). In response, the Germans raised collaborationist forces to counter the Resistance, including the much-feared Landwacht. In September 1944, the OD, RVV and LKP amalgamated into the Netherlands Interior Forces (NBS), while Allied troops began to liberate the southern provinces. This allowed NBS forces in the south to form Stoottroepen, uniformed and armed by both the British and U.S. armies. These assisted the Allied advance, while a bloody underground struggle continued in the occupied north until final liberation in April-May 1945. Illustrated with rare photos and new color plates. $19.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $16.15 USD


THE BATTLES OF ANTIOCHUS THE GREAT: The Failure of Combined Arms at Magnesia that Handed the World to Rome

THE BATTLES OF ANTIOCHUS THE GREAT: The Failure of Combined Arms at Magnesia that Handed the World to Rome Analysis of the Seleucid army, the inherited standard tactics of Macedonian-style armies reliant on the sarissa phalanx, and a detailed examination of the three main battles of Antiochus III show how it was his failure to utilize combined arms at its fullest realization that led to such a world-changing defeat at Magnesia. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD

THE PERDICCAS YEARS: 323-320 BC This first book covers the initial years of the conflict and several major campaigns that immediately seized the kingdom. After the death of Alexander the Great, what followed was an extraordinary time for military campaigns. Powerful warlords and warrior queens attempted to assert their authority throughout the length and breadth of Alexander the Great's former empire; from Afghanistan to Athens, from Africa to Asia powerful armies decided matters by the spear. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD

THE GREAT WHAT IFS OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR: Historians Tackle the Conflict's Most Intriguing Possibilities Each entry focuses on one of the most important events of the war and unpacks the options of the moment. To understand what happened, we must look with a clear and objective eye at what could have happened, with the full multitude of choices before us. 'What if' is a tool for illumination. These essays also explode the assumptions people make when they ask 'what if' and then jump to wishful conclusions. This collection of thoughtful essays offers not alternate histories or counterfactual scenarios, but an invitation to ask, to learn, and to wonder. $30.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $25.50 USD

WINGS OF THE BLACK CROSS #12 Offers 62 captioned photos, many published here for the first time. Types include He 123, Bf 109 E, F, F Trop, G-14, the Fw 190 F-8, F and A-7; the Ju 87, Bf 110, He 219, He 115, Fi 156, He 177, Do 17, and Do 217. Eight color profiles by James Bentley. A detailed photographic examination of the camouflage and markings of the Fw 190 F-8s of I./SG 151 is provided. Plus some Luftwaffe aircraft are presented in RAF markings such as Fw 190, Ta 152, He 177, Ju 88, Bf 109 G-14, Bf 110, Do 335 and Ju 87. $20.00 USD

WINGS OF THE BLACK CROSS SPECIAL NUMBER ONE: Messerschmitt BF 110 Messerschmitt Bf 110 as it saw service throughout the war in many different roles. This 52 page book, 8.5x11, includes a brief history of the aircraft and its various operational roles, both day and night, and concludes with a concise history of the aircraft's camouflage and markings. Of the 77 photos, most are unpublished from the private collection of Mark Proulx plus a few from selected contributors, and are presented in large format. Extensive captioning provides specific details found in each image. $24.00 USD

BRITISH NAVAL TRAWLERS AND DRIFTERS IN TWO WORLD WARS John Lambert was a renowned naval draftsman, whose plans were highly valued for their accuracy and detail by model makers and enthusiasts. By the time of his death in 2016, he had produced over 850 sheets of drawings, many of which have never been published. These were acquired by Seaforth and this title is the fourth of a planned series of albums on selected themes, reproducing complete sheets at a large page size, with expert commentary and captioning. Includes 100 line drawings & 50 black-and-white photos. $70.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $59.50 USD

THE U-BOAT WAR: A Global History 1939-45 Covers worldwide and interdependent deployments of U-boats and supporting submarines and ships. Illustrates the U-boats' often direct relationship with land, sea, and aerial campaigns of both the Allied and Axis powers, dispels certain accepted mythologies, and reveals how the ultimate failure of the U-boats stemmed from chaotic German military and industrial mismanagement as well as Allied advances in code-breaking and weaponry. The story of Germany's second U-boat war began on the first day of hostilities with Britain and France and ended with the final torpedo sinking on 7 May 1945. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD

Z SPECIAL UNIT: The Elite Allied World War II Guerrilla Force Z Special Unit, one of the most intrepid but arguably the most unsung of WWII Allied Special Forces which waged a guerrilla war against Japan for two years in the south-west Pacific. On some of their 81 operations, Z Special Unit slipped into enemy harbors in canoes and silently mined ships before vanishing into the night; on others they parachuted into the dense Borneo jungle to fight with headhunters against the Japanese and on one occasion they landed on an Indonesian island and smuggled out the pro-Allied sultan from under Japanese noses. Drawing on veteran interviews as well as operational reports and recently declassified SOE files, this explores the incredible history of this remarkable special forces unit and the band of commandoes that defied the odds. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD

WHEN THE SHOOTING STOPPED: August 1945 Tells the dramatic story of the final weeks of the war, detailing the last brutal battles on air, land and sea with evocative first-hand accounts from pilots and sailors on all sides caught up in these extraordinary events. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD

NATIONS IN THE BALANCE: The India-Burma Campaigns, December 1943-August 1944 From December 1943 to August 1944, Allied and Japanese forces fought the decisive battles of World War II in Southeast Asia. Fighting centered around North Burma, Imphal, Kohima and the Arakan, involving troops from all over the world along a battlefront the combined size of Pennsylvania and Ohio. The campaigns brought nations into collision for the highest stakes: British and Indian troops fighting for Empire, the Indo-Japanese forces seeking a prestige victory with an invasion of India and the Americans and Chinese focused on helping China and reopening the Burma Road. Events turned on the decisions of the principal commanders-Admiral Louis Mountbatten and Generals Joseph Stilwell, William Slim, Orde Wingate, Mutaguchi Renya, among many others. The impact of the fighting was felt in London, Tokyo and Washington, among other places far away from the battlefront, with effects that presaged postwar political relationships. This was also the first U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia, and Stilwell's operations in some ways foreshadowed battles in Vietnam two decades later. Includes 50 photographs and 12 maps. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD

STALINGRAD: New Perspectives on an Epic Battle – Volume 1: The Doomed City Examines the WWII battle for Stalingrad, including why the city was so important, the unknown German defeat in the first battle of Stalingrad, how Finland negatively affected the battle of Stalingrad for the Germans, how the Red Army learned and developed new operational skills, the Luftwaffe's largest mistake in 1942, and Soviet 'Death soldiers.' In addition, many myths are addressed: The myth of the Red Army's blocking troops, the myth that the Red Army voluntarily withdrew, the myth that the Germans arrogantly tried to bite off more than they could chew, and the myth of the importance of Lend-Lease supplies from the United States to the Soviet Union. Illustrated with many previously unseen photos and large and clear maps. Includes QR codes with relevant film clips. $50.00 USD


WAR FOR AMERICA: The American Revolution, 1775-1782 Wargame

WAR FOR AMERICA: The American Revolution, 1775-1782 Wargame Strategic-level game based on the events during the American Revolution. It is a two-player game that shows how the conflict, which began as a civil war, erupted into a world conflict with a Great Britain that was greatly isolated. It features a new Action Pulse and Initiative System will vary the length turn. Also suitable for solitaire play. Components: 2 Map sheets, 2.5 Countersheets of 9/16 and 5/8 unit-counters (432 counters total), 6 Player Aid Cards, 1 Sequence of Play Card, 2 Army Organization Displays, 1 Setup Card, 51 Action Cards, 1 Rulebook, and 1 Playbook $79.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $67.15 USD
PAPER WARS: Issue 100 – Bloody Retributions, Inkerman Wargame

PAPER WARS: Issue 100 – Bloody Retributions, Inkerman Wargame Two-player grand-tactical simulation – easily adapted for solitaire play – of the largest Russian offensive of the Crimean War. Even so, both players have the necessity of both attacking and defending. It uses the alternating-actions system introduced here in issue no. 93's Wagram and issue no. 98 Alma games. Each hexagon on the map represents 200 yards (183 meters) from side to opposite side. The units of maneuver are brigades, regiments and battalions. Each full turn represents one or two hours of real time. The first two turns were dominated by dense fog across the whole battlefield; therefore they each represent two hours to take into the account the inescapably slower tempo of operations under such conditions. Artillery is represented abstractly via bombardment markers. There is one full sheet of 228 medium-size (5/8) iconic counters. Playing time is about three hours, and complexity is low-intermediate. $47.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $39.95 USD


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