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Brigade Models: 6mm Moonbase Hab Dome Released

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unknown member writes:

I'd like to see them in 28mm too.

Maybe throw in a Space:1999 type moon buggy too.

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unknown member of Brigade Models Ltd writes:

This week, we're releasing a 6mm version of our Habitation Dome. The self-contained unit consists of an octagonal base building which houses power, air and water recycling plus storage facilities. The main airlock is located at the front of this section. The spherical main section (technically a truncated icosahedron) provides complete living quarters for up to four occupants, or can be used for workshops, laboratories or as a command and control center.


B300-601 – Habitation Dome – £1.50 GBP

Unlike its bigger cousin, the 6mm version is a single-piece resin casting, so putting together your 6mm moonbase is a piece of cake.

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