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Australians in the Pacific, 1/100 T-55s, Priests on Horseback, an Ever-Expanding Cast of WWII Heroes, 1930s British Infantry & a Group of Cultists

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Puster Supporting Member of TMP writes:

That mouldline does not look like anything a competent mouldmaker would create (directly through the face).

It looks more like the product of a homebrew two-part mould made from an existing miniature by dipping it into the first half.

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What's in This Issue?

Bolt Action – Campaign New Guinea.


Warlord Games and Osprey sent us a copy of this new supplement, so we take a closer look and provide a flipthrough.

15mm T-55 Battle Tank


The latest kit from Plastic Soldier Company moves beyond World War II, and embraces a Soviet-era tank that is used around the world.

28mm SAGA Mounted Priests


We take a closer look at some of the new miniatures from Gripping Beast, which allow you to field religious support for your mounted units.

28mm 1930's British Infantry


Mutton Chop Miniatures present one of Paul Hick's latest projects, British Infantry for use in the interwar period, or the early days of World War II.

28mm Prussian Napoleonic Dragoons


Front Rank continue to please with their latest releases, including these at the charge cavalry.

Stoessi's Heroes


We take a look at this characterful range of 28mm World War Two miniatures, representing both real life heroes and variations on the more contemporary.

28mm Female Cultists


Crooked Dice Game Design Studio have some new figures that could be useful across a range of genres.

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