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Lancashire Games: New Dark Ages & Hammerhead 2019

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marmont1814 Sponsoring Member of TMP of Lancashire Games writes:

Take Another Look at Lancashire Games!

New 18mm Dark Ages

Our latest release is now coming online, and as our new prices will be coming next week, we are giving you an opportunity to purchase our new range at the current prices, as we are still molding on Monday-Tuesday, orders will be posted on Thursday and Friday.

18mm Norman knights

18mm Breton cavalry

18mm Beserkers


DA01 – Knights Charging with Lance
DA02 – Knights with Lance Standing
DA03 – Knights with Melee weapons
DA04 – Knights using Lance over arm
DA05 – Mounted Command
DA06 – Armored Spearmen
DA07 – Unarmoured Spearmen
DA08 – Archers
DA09 – Swabian Swordsmen
DA10 – Foot Command
DA11 – Breton Cavalry


DA20 – Huscarles
DA21 – Fyrd
DA22 – Select Fyrd
DA23 – Archers
DA24 – Foot Command
DA25 – Saxon Light Infantry Javelins
DA29 – Mounted Saxon Warrior


DA30 – Huscarles
DA31 – Bondi Spearmen
DA32 – Bondi Archers
DA33 – Berserkers
DA34 – Foot Command
DA40 – Mounted Viking Warriors


DA50 – Peasants Standing

18mm Saxon Huscarles


DAP01 – Athelflaed Lady of Mercia with Thegns at Derby – £3.00 GBP
DAP02 – William the Bastard at Hastings – £3.00 GBP
DAP03 – Harold King of the English at Hastings – £3.00 GBP

18mm Viking Huscarles

18mm Peasants standing

Battle Packs

1 pack – £15.00 GBP
2 to 3 packs – £14.00 GBP each
4 plus – £13.00 GBP each

DBP100 – Norman Knights
DBP101 – Bretons and French Knights
DBP102 – Norman Foot (40 spear/20 Archers)
DBP103 – Viking Huscarles and Berserkers (40/20)
DBP104 – Viking Bondi
DBP105 – Saxon Huscarles and light infantry
DBP106 – Saxon Fyrd
DBP107 – Peasants

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18mm ACW

Next Show is Hammerhead, March 3rd!

If you want to pre-order any small packs, command pack, army packs, etc., you can do this on the website. Pick the post-free collection option, or contact us direct via email. Please pre-order before the 28th February.

Order over £75.00 GBP and save 10% at the show!

Due to transport space, we will only have a limited number of battle packs, so if you want multiple battle packs, army packs or standard packs, please pre-order and save!

For more info, please visit the website or email me below:

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