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Personal logo Bobgnar Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Strange, I was looking at a model of a submarine and suddenly were talking about a subscription for figures?

My comments here relate to the sub.

A beautiful modeling concept. But I have to agree with the last two writers that 28 mm is the scale for skirmish games. The excellent mean Street models are all in 28 mm. Could the paper model for the sub be enlarged to that scale?

Then, again, maybe a model like this is a game unto itself.

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Personal logo The Virtual Armchair General Sponsoring Member of TMP of The Virtual Armchair General writes:

Waterline Submarine

Well, we promised you something remarkable for the next release, and here it is!

An inexpensive waterline model submarine, for Pulp and other game subjects is fine, but wouldn't it be better to be able to follow the action aboard and below the main deck?

Coming close aboard in the wake of the Pulp Submarine Waterline Model is this cardstock PDF file, now available as a PDF for only $10.00 USD, delivered at no further cost via email, like all other TVAG cardstock model designs. Orders may be made via the usual.

Assembled, the interior model is 10", 6.5" on the beam, and 6.5" again from the Conning Tower's overhead, to the floor of the 2nd deck, this model intentionally matches the dimensions and layout of the waterline model. No further abstraction required here!

Sub Interior

Perfect for your Pulp Fiction scenarios, particularly whenever your evil mastermind takes to his submarine to commit his dastardly attack on civilization-and still travel in style!

Sub Interior

Sub Interior

Credit to Gentleman Gamer/Modeler/Re-enactor Mr. Glen Allison for the display model, its photos, painted Brigade miniatures, U-Boat crew figures, and weapons from TVAG.

A fully detailed engine room, divers' access chamber, central control room and conning tower, and compartments you may use for any scenario-related purpose, are provided on three decks. Each deck can be used separately, with full access for your figures, or stacked, whichever best serves your needs.

Sub Interior

All that's required to build this model is foamcore, 110# cardstock, glue, and the usual minimum of skill or experience.

Metal hatches and central control room equipment are readily available from the Houston Collection of Naval Guns and Ship Fittings; with or without them, all you need are your favorite 28mm Pulp Figures and some imagination.

To view more photos of this and other Mean Sets, please follow this link here, and scroll way down to the Pulp Submarine (Interior Model).

Next to Come, More New additions to Mean Sets & Mean Streets!

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