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Brigade Models: More New British Aeronef

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Oracle Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Being one of those that were left without anything to show for their sizeable payment to Spartan Game's partially fulfilled a kickstarter my feelings on the subject are certainly colored a bit negatively.

Thanks C Walrus for that information. I don't mind Sci-fi and fantasy being mixed in to some extent. However it does likely mean what I have will be "phased" out. I have a significant FSE and Empire contingents amongst others. From that excerpt and the other information I've seen from Warcradle, I antivipate things changing to much for my liking.

Not putting a Warcradle down, especially as they were nice enought to sniff my rulebook free was charge after Spartan succumbed. They are ressurecting a system that otherwise would no longer have material coming out and they should redesign as they wish or deem best for business. But seeing how the Ice Madioen ice berg carrier when I last looked as priced at £75.00 GBP (and it might need to be that price to turn an acceptable profit) but too much for me for a secondary game system.

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Personal logo Tony Francis Sponsoring Member of TMP of Brigade Models Ltd writes:

Following on from the arrival of the new Victoria and Albert class battleships, the rest of the British capital ships get a similar makeover this week. The Agincourt and Benbow battleships plus the Audacious and Britannia battlecruisers have all been replaced by new resin-hulled models with separate turrets and metal parts. The new designs are similar in layout to the originals, but the multiple separate parts make for much improved miniatures.

British Aeronef

We've revamped the existing British fleet packs with the new models, including the British Grand Fleet pack. The two new turret types are also available in separate accessory packs.

VAN-101 – Benbow class Battleship – £8.00 GBP
VAN-109 – Agincourt class Battleship – £8.00 GBP
VAN-111 – Britannia class Battlecruiser – £7.00 GBP
VAN-114 – Audacious class Battlecruiser – £7.00 GBP
VAN-7016 – British Battleship Turrets (x10) – £1.50 GBP
VAN-7017 – British Battlecruiser Turrets (x10) – £1.50 GBP

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