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Warlord Games: Age of Arthur Heroes

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redmist1122 writes:

…errr missed that…thanks.

Well they're excellent figures.


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Paul at Warlord Games Sponsoring Member of TMP of Warlord Games writes:

We've now released the character packs for the Arthurian range we received when we bought Saxon Miniatures.

These have been repackaged into three packs of great heroes…

Knights of Camelot

Led by the valliant King Arthur, he leads his knights into battle with the promise of glory and victory.

Knights of Camelot

These five knights are:

King Arthur
The famous King who led the defenses against the Saxon invasion.
King Arthur's foster brother and seneschal.
Arthur's marshal and friend of Sir Kay, returns Excalibur to the lake.
Nephew of King Arthur, one arm longer than the other, killed by Lancelot.
Arthur's nephew, brother to Gawain and Gaheris, half-brother to Mordred, killed by Bor.
Knights of Camelot

Heroes of Tintagel

Heroic knights ready to fight and die for their kingdom.

Heroes of Tintagel

These five knights are:

The nephew of King Mark of Cornwall, doomed lover of Iseult.
Uther Pendragon
King of a British Kingdom, father of Arthur, a friend of Merlin.
Father of Sir Kay and the adoptive father of King Arthur.
Son of King Pellinore and brother of Percival, killed by Mordred.
Mythical British/Cornish hero, supposedly King of Dumnomia.
Heroes of Tintagel

Hunt for the Holy Grail

Only the bravest and most skilled of knights would take the quest to seek the Holy Grail!

Hunt for the Holy Grail

These five knights are:

The illegitimate son of Sir Lancelot, renowned for his gallantry and purity, seeker of the Holy Grail.
An original seeker of the Holy Grail.
An elder and a seeker of the Holy Grail.
The greatest knight, and was known as the greatest combatant and jouster of his time.
King Arthur's nephew, pure at heart, fought the Green Knight, a friend of Lancelot.
Hunt for the Holy Grail

We also have several full-color shield design sheets from Little Big Men Studios, as well as their Arthurian banner sheets – just the thing to bring your models to life.

Arthurian LBMS shield designs

Arthurian LBMS banner sheet

See the rest of our Dark Ages range here.

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