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New items are scheduled to be available here at the On Military Matters shoppe in late August.



REPUBLICAN ROMAN LEGION: 28mm Contains 56 highly detailed, multi-pose plastic Republican Roman legionaries and light infantry (roughly 350BC through until approximately 168BC), including 16 Hastati (unarmored or wearing pectoral armor), 16 Principes in Subermalis (a type of padded-material armor), and 8 Triarii, in a mix of armor and weaponry. 28mm-sized. $42.00 USD

HANNIBAL'S AFRICAN VETERANS: 28mm Allows you to make 21 hard-plastic 28mm African Veteran spearmen, equipped in Roman armor, carrying Scutums and wearing a mix of Roman and Punic helmets. They can also be used to represent Imitation Legionaries of the Successor Armies of the Near East, spear-armed Principes or standing Triarii, and Linothorax or mail-clad Centurions. $18.00 USD



POLEMOS GREAT NORTHERN WAR: Grand Battle Rules Designed for large battles at brigade level in either 6mm, 10mm or 15mm scale that you can play in an evening. Includes army lists and scenarios. The emphasis is on the Great Northern War but other actions from this period can also be fought, including wars against the Ottoman Empire, Polish Civil War, and other actions in the period 1695 to 1725. You can be Peter the Great of Russia and face the cream of what was probably the best army in the world of this period – Charles XII's Swedish army. Perhaps instead you could, as Peter, battle the Ottomans on the River Prut. $36.00 USD

POLEMOS WAR OF SPANISH SUCCESSION: Grand Battle Designed for large battles at brigade level in either 6mm, 10mm or 15mm scale that you can play in an evening. Includes army lists and scenarios. Two scales in one ruleset: Chosen Men (one base equals a battalion and enables you to play smaller actions or part of larger battles) and Obstinate and Bloody Battle (one base equals a brigade and lets you fight the largest actions in their entirety). $30.00 USD


ST. RUTH'S FATAL GAMBLE: The Battle of Aughrim 1691 and the Fall of Jacobite Ireland

ST. RUTH'S FATAL GAMBLE: The Battle of Aughrim 1691 and the Fall of Jacobite Ireland St. Ruth, after failing to halt the Williamite crossing of the Shannon in the summer of 1691, elected to take up a defensive position and invite an enemy attack, occupying Kilcommadan Hill, near the Galway village of Aughrim. Although his own army was now at the end of a tenuous line of communication and supply, Godard van Reede, commanding the Williamite army, accepted the challenge and the two forces clashed on Sunday, 12th July 1691. Includes eight-page color section, 39 black-and-white photos, 4 black-and-white illustrations, and 7 maps. $60.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $51.00 USD

BETWEEN SCYLLA AND CHARYBDIS: Volume 1: Staff and Cavalry – The Army of Elector Frederick August II of Saxony, 1733-1763 Volume I of this work deals with the Saxon army of the years 1730-1763. The campaigns, the commanders, the Guards mounted units, and the line cavalry units of this overshadowed army are treated. Lavishly illustrated by Franco Saudelli, the volume shows the elegance of the Saxon army and particularly an army misjudged by Frederick II of Prussia as 'weak.' Includes eight-page color section, 5 black-and-white maps, 2 black-and-white illustrations, and 2 tables. $33.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $28.05 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…


WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED: Issue #371 Includes: THEME: Carry On Campaigning: Thoughts on Running a Wargames Campaign; The Diamonds of Elias Skull: Ghost Archipelago Mini-Campaign; Computer Campaigning: Realities of running campaigns using computers; Campaigning the Perry Way: Two Different Campaigns Played with his Chums; Seelowe: Using works of fiction as a framework for campaigns, for example, WWII Sea Lion. OTHER ARTICLES: Observation Post: Historicon 2018 Recap; Crete 1941: Part Two – Four Scenarios; Designer's Notes: 7TV Apocalypse; Designer's Showcase: Black Powder II – Changes and Revamps; La Gorgue Airfield: Partizan 2018's Best Demo Game; The Flashing Knobs: Bolt Action Tournament Force; Re-imagining the Crusades: Part Two – Formations; Keep the Home Fires Burning: Black Powder for WWI; Show Report: Historicon 2018; Virai: The Dronescourge in the Gates of Antares Universe; Wargaming with Plastic Soldiers: Part 2 – 1:32nd (54mm) Gaming. $9.00 USD

VAE VICTIS # 141: Laudau ou la Lort! (Laudau or Death) 'Landau or Death!' was the rallying cry of the soldiers of the army of the Moselle of General Hoche. In this second opus of 'The Great Tactic,' two French armies separated by the Vosges face the Prussian and Austrian armies for control of Landau, which is besieged by the Duke of Brunswick and on the verge of falling. Players will have to maneuver through the Vosges to surprise their opponent and overwhelm him. Wargame includes diecut counters. Three scenarios, including two playable solitaire, will recreate the Palatinate and Rhine Valley campaign, from one battle of Wissembourg to another. [French Text, with wargame rules in English] Also – Magazine includes reviews of: Boardgames: Waterloo Episode 6 – Les Dernieres Charges de l'Empire – Ludifolie; Kosowo Pole 1380 – T&S; Command & Colors Napoleonic – GMT; Lincoln – PSC; Empire & Alliance – PSC; Enemy Coast Ahead – GMT; and 878 Vikings – Academy Games/Asyncron. Scenarios: Advanced Squad Leader; Memoir 44; GWC. Miniatures: Les Revoltes Huguenotes (1620-1629); Congo au Japon; Les Figurines Revolution and Scenarios Campagne d'Alsace; CR Western (Peter Pig); and Jouer Colonial: Les Regles et Les Decors. Technic: Les decors Desert 1re Partie. Hobby: Kolwezi au Chateau de Vincennes. Art of War: Hoche et la Lutte pour l'Alsace 1793-1794. $24.00 USD

GBM: Blindes & Materiel # 125 Articles include: HIPPOMOBILE: Voitures de cavalerie; AUTOMOBILE MILITAIRE: Les camions Delahaye; ARMEMENT LEGER: Le calibre 7,5 mm et le FM; MILITARO-INDUSTRIEL: Le char leger R40; ARTILLERIE ANTIAERIENNE: Les Bofors Francais; TOUS TERRAINS: Le Citroen W15T; TERRAIN ET OPERATIONS: Le 67e BCC a Souain; and more. [French Text] $20.00 USD

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