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Warlord Games: New Algoryn A.I Assault Command Squad

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Dentatus Fezian writes:

Anyone playing this game?

My reaction since the start has been one of distant appreciation in that I like the GoA sculpts, the factions, and the game universe, but never quite enough to dive in all the way. They constantly slip down on the 'Must Have/Must Try This Game' list. I'd love to hear feedback.

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Paul at Warlord Games Sponsoring Member of TMP of Warlord Games writes:

Reinforcements have arrived for the forces of the Algoryn Prosperate – in the form of the Algoryn A.I Assault Command Squad.

Algoryn Assault Command 1

AI Command Squads lead Agoryn Vector formations to war. Standard AI troopers are protected by flexible all-enclosing enviro-armored suits, and are equipped with a full array of personal sensors and a standard interface with their unit's combat shard.

AI Command Squads carry enhanced sensors and communications equipment, which enables them to coordinate the actions of several squads as part of their command shard – giving them a much greater tactical ability.

Algoryn Assault Command 1

Assault units specialize in aggressive close-quarter combat, and are often to be found at the very forefront of the fighting. Assault Command units are armed with plasma carbines, enabling them to function as a superior fire-base as well as directing the combat shards under their command. This integrated approach is used to create powerful dedicated assault groups with command units at their head.

As with other assault troops, command units carry a distort or D-spinner as a secondary armament, a weapon that combines a distortion field generator for defense together with a deadly small plasma launcher for attack. Commanders are also armed with X-slings, often with powerful Overload ammo or disabling SlingNet shells that cast a suspensor net over enemies, pinning them to the ground.

Algoryn Assault Command 1

The Algoryn AI Assault Command Squad boxed set contains the following metal models:

  • 1 AI Assault Commander armed with plasma carbine and D-spinner
  • 4 AI Assault Troopers armed with plasma carbines and D-spinners

Please note that these 28mm scale models are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

The release of the Assault Command Squad opens up a spate of new tactical options for Algoryn players, and they're sure to throw a spanner into your opponent's plans!

To see more images and information, and to order yours today – please take a look at this link.

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