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TooFatLardies Summer Special Arrives

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Dave Jackson Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Well, I always buy the specials…..a) they're a terrific read, b)there is always something of interest to me, c) and, later as time goes by, I always develop an itch for something that is scratched by a back issue d) as far as specifics, bought this one for the Maximilian Adventure SP2 as wellas the WWII scenaris and the Troy variant of DB!

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Personal logo toofatlardies Sponsoring Member of TMP of TooFatLardies writes:

Buy it Now!

Great news for lovers of Lard or, indeed, wargamers in general. The TooFatLardies Summer Special for 2017 has arrived, and is packed with 123 pages of great quality content. Here's a look at what's inside:

Flashman and the Emperor: Give yourself top billing as you step into the shoes of Harry Flashman. Can you guide our hero to a safe outcome in this campaign-launching tale of derring-do set in Mexico in 1867. Will Harry Save the Emperor Maximilian, or will he face an untimely death at the hands of the Juaristas?

Holding the Line: Internationally famous wargaming celebrity and lover of gnomes Mike Hobbs and his chums take us to Normandy 1944 for this Chain of Command scenario with some fun rules additions to tickle your fancy.

Sacker of Cities: If the only Homer you know is on the Simpsons, allow "The Colonel" Dave Parker to introduce you to the excellent Trojan Wars expansion for Dux Britanniarum, produced by the intellectual giant which is the Durham Wargames Club. "Beware the Wrath of the Gods" says Dave. I have enough trouble keeping the missus happy…

1745: David Hunter leaves the safety of the Crossroads Motel and parties like it's 1745, taking Sharp Practice for a Highland Reel north of the border with unit rosters and rule adjustments for the Jacobite Rebellion.

Cracking the Westwall: Big Rich heads for the Siegfried Line and reveals all you could ever want to know and more about this vision in concrete.

Build a Bunker: Inspired by his research, Big Rich shares a step-by-step guide of how to turn polystyrene to concrete.

Achtung! Big Rich completes his West Wall trio with a bunker assault scenario for Chain of Command. Pick your squad, choose your tools, and see if you can break through the West Wall.

Using Field of Glory Renaissance Armies in Sharp Practice: In the first of our two articles looking at extending Sharp Practice into the age of Pike and Shot, Carole gives us some interesting rule suggestions as she expands Sharp Practice for her evil ends.

The Battle of Frank Sanbeans Farm: This ACW Sharp Practice scenario from Jim Ibbotson, as seen at OML5, wins an award for the worst ever punning title for a game, but we forgive him for his wonderful brush-work.

Action in the Valle Delle Marie: A hard-fighting scenario for I Ain't Been Shot Mum from the pen of Mike Whitaker, as he heads for the hills and valleys of la bella Italia.

LRRP teams in Charlie Don't Surf: Charles Eckhart gives top tips on using LRRPS in CDS, plus a scenario to test your new skills. Can you find Charlie?

The Attack on Sochaczew: Robert Avery pushes his panzers to the limit with an Early War scenario for I Ain't Been Shot Mum.

The Bridge at Saindoux: Fat Nick goes Commando with a scenario for Chain of Command and the outcome is, predictably, explosive.

Unternehmen Rollshufahren: A German airborne assault on a critical British installation, see the LDV fighting for their lives as criminal elements assist the naughty Nazis in this Operation Sea Lion scenario for Chain of Command. Nothing if not topical!

Sharply Buffed: Our second foray into Pike and Shot with rule ideas and force rosters from Nick Worthington.

Sharpening up I Ain't Been Shot Mum: Frugal Scot Wee Derek Hodge squeezes two rulesets into one page in a remarkable fusion of ideas.

The Roundwood Report Sidney brings up the rear with a topical look at Command and Control, the key trends in the hobby.

At 123 pages in total, this is packed with some great ideas, as well as the usual mix of scenarios and other Lard-based fun. When we first produced the Specials in 2004, we tried to make them the best value in wargaming. Thirteen years on, we are still doing the same, holding the price at just £6.00 GBP, for the sixth year running.

You can buy it here.

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