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Lancashire Games: New 18mm Italian Wars

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marmont1814 Sponsoring Member of TMP of Lancashire Games writes:

New 18mm Italian Wars Renaissance

At last, after a hectic few months, our new Italian Wars range! This first release will get you fighting this colorful and varied period, the real birth of firepower and our modern world of warfare.

Gendarmes Charging

Standard Packs

£2.60 GBP each (10 Foot, 4 Mounted, 8 Artillery crew)

ITAL01 – Generals (4 mounted and 1 foot figure) £3.90 GBP
ITAL02 – Gendarmes Charging with Lance
ITAL03 – Gendarmes Advancing with Lance
ITAL04 – Gendarmes Standing with Lance



ITAL05 – Gendarmes Charging/Advancing with Sword
ITAL06 – Archers/Heavy Cavalry Charging
ITAL07 – Archers/Heavy Cavalry Advancing
ITAL08 – Argolets with Crossbow
ITAL09 – Argolets with Arquebus
ITAL10 – Stradiots



ITAL12 – Italian Light Cavalry
ITAL13 – Italian Infantry with Crossbow
ITAL14 – Italian Infantry with Pike
ITAL16 – Italian/French Infantry Command £2.00 GBP
ITAL17 – Swiss Infantry Advancing with Pike
ITAL18 – Swiss Infantry Standing with Pike
ITAL19 – Swiss Infantry with Two handed Swords
ITAL20 – Swiss Infantry with Halberds
ITAL21 – Swiss Infantry with Crossbow
ITAL22 – Swiss Infantry with Arquebus



ITAL23 – Swiss Command £2.00 GBP
ITAL30 – Landsknecht Infantry with Pike Advancing
ITAL31 – Landsknecht Infantry with Pike Standing
ITAL32 – Landsknecht Infantry with two Handed Swords
ITAL32 – Landsknecht Infantry with Halberd
ITAL34 – Landsknecht Infantry with Crossbow
ITAL35 – Landsknecht Infantry with Arquebus
ITAL36 – Landsknecht Command £2.00 GBP
ITAL40 – French Infantry with Crossbow
ITAL41 – French Infantry with Pike
ITAL50 – Artillery Crew
ITAL51 – Heavy Cannon (2 cannon pack) £3.00 GBP

Battle Packs

1 pack £15.00 GBP, 2-3 packs £14.00 GBP each and 4+ £13.00 GBP each.

(Contents: 60 foot or 24 mounted per pack)

EBP100 – Gendarmes Charging
EBP101 – Gendarmes Standing/Advancing
EBP102 – Archers/Heavy Cavalry
EBP103 – Argolets with Crossbow
EBP105 – Stradiots
EBP106 – Italian Light Cavalry
EBP107 – Italian Infantry (40 pike/20 crossbow)
EBP109 – French Infantry (40 pike/20 crossbow)
EBP115 – Landsknecht Infantry (40 pike/10 halberd/10 crossbow)
EBP116 – Landsknecht Infantry (40 pike/10 halberd/10 arquebus)
EBP120 – Swiss Infantry (40 pike/10 halberd/10 crossbow)
EBP121 – Swiss Infantry (40 pike/10 halberd/10 arquebus)

An early reminder, as we have already had people asking about pre-orders.

Next show is Fiasco, October 28th.

Once again, another fantastic show is hurtling towards us, I would recommend the show – all the glitz and glamor (perhaps not), but a nice selection of trade, some beautiful wargames to inspire, and order over £75.00 GBP and save 10%.

Please pre-order by the 24th October for the show.

Blaze Away 10mm ACW game

See you at the show!

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28mm Carthagians

Another big release next week, so watch for our announcements. We are currently working on new releases:

  • IT Miniatures 20mm ACW range
  • 18mm 1790s Revolutionary Wars
  • 18mm British for Napoleon in Egypt
  • 18mm Samurai
  • and much, much more!

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