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Khurasan Releases 15mm M1A2 & Modern US Army Infantry

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John Bear Ross Inactive Member writes:

Pants by the lowest bidder. Think of it as exertion-induced air conditioning. ;)

I usually went commando in the field, so this was a constant peril when hittin' and rollin'.

Nice figs and armor, Jon.

JBR, old 0331

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khurasanminiatures Inactive Member of Khurasan Miniatures writes:

We are very pleased to release the first codes of our ultra-modern U.S. models in 15mm scale. When we say, "ultra-modern," we mean, as of right now!

This line will contain both vehicles and infantry, and we have both for you today.

US Army M1A2

The first vehicle is the M1A2 SEP, the most current configuration of this formidable tank. The kit is a mixture of resin and pewter.

Also available are the squad and platoon infantry elements of the U.S. Army. (With just a little fudging, you could probably use them as Marines as well.) These are available either with or without protective eyewear, and with or without separate night vision devices. Every effort has been made to provide models with the most up-to-date uniforms and equipment. The men are dressed in a mix of armor as is often the case in the field – some wearing various degrees of knee protection, some with the groin armor, and some not. The men all wear the hydration pack on their backs.

The great Mike Broadbent sculpted these, and I wish to thank Jake Rose who lent some technical help on the design of the models and force mixture.

The basic infantry squad has a squad leader (M4), two team leaders with (M4), two riflemen (M4), two SAW gunners (M249), and two grenadiers (M4/M203).


There are two different basic squads, with different M4 poses so that all your squads don't look the same on the tabletop. Above is the first squad.


And above is the second squad. These are both shown without protective eyewear, but are also available with the eyewear.

Platoon set

To expand your infantry force up to platoon level, we have the assets seen above. They are: platoon sergeant, second lieutenant, RTO, medic, walking M240 team, prone M240 team, shooting Javelin team, advancing Javelin team, forward observer team, marksman with EBR, and marksman with bolt rifle. This set is an example of models with protective eyewear, but it is also available without the eyewear.

As you may have noticed, separate bipods are provided for the M249 and M240, if you want to use them – it's a great way to further distinguish the automatic weapons.

Advanced grenadiers

Because we love the new grenade launchers in use or evaluation, we have included a pack of those, too! There are two poses of grenadiers without protective eyewear with the revolutionary XM-25 "Punisher," and four grenadiers with the M320 on their M4s – two with protective eyewear and two without. (Unfortunately, due to a mix-up, the above photo shows two kneeling men with the M203 instead of the M320, but the set has the M320s.)

Night vision

Not content with that, we have also added yet another option – to add ten sets of night-vision devices! Now these are quite small, as can be imagined, but if you want to fuss with adding them, they make the models look great, as can be seen on the above figurine.

More vehicles are coming soon, and we would definitely be willing to consider company and higher elements for the infantry. Troop of Shewe painted the M1A2, and Rafa painted the infantry; here is Multicam – we think both men have done a great job.

Available now! Happy gaming.

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