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Fantasy Arc Releases Gwenilth: Lost City of the Elves 28mm Terrain

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Martian Banshee writes:

Warning: This is at least partially sour grapes.

That's major-league eye candy, but I literally choked on cereal when I saw the prices, especially since these are bare kits. Even if I had piles of cash lying around the house, which I don't, $180 USD for the two pieces, is to me preposterous. My day job is manufacturing engineering, so I fully understand the costs of tooling, time & talent over and above materials, but couldn't possibly justify spending that much on a model.

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Mokman of Fantasy Arc writes:

Gwenilth Release

Fantasy Arc finally takes the plunge into the fantasy realm with their new release of laser-cut Elven terrain. Gwenilth: Lost City of the Elves is a line of stand-alone structures and modular tree designs for use with your 28mm fantasy wargames. Inspired by well known fantasy properties, these models allow you to take your gaming up into the trees where winding staircases and leaf covered balconies await your Elves. The two tree models, the Elven Tree Fort, and Elven Staircase are comprised of modular sections that can be mixed and matched in many ways to create various layouts. The "trees" at the center of each are individual sections stacked on each other to create the desired height. Each tree section has hooks at the bottom that twist and lock with the section below it, creating a solid junction that won't slip or separate during use. The stairs and balconies hang from the tree sections by integral hooks at their back. Once assembled, the entire model is a solid structure ready for gaming. For additional ease of use, the roof of each staircase, balcony, and entrance building can be removed to gain access to the interiors. All models are available now in the Fantasy Arc webstore, with more to come.

Elven Tree Fort

Elven Staircase

Modular Design

Elven Lookout

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