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New 1-Inch-Square Grid Lexan Terrain Mats Available

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Ditto Tango 2 1 Inactive Member writes:

FYI, a lot of plough drivers (as in Mr Plow) use snow blades on their pick-ups made of Lexan – so it is certainly strong stuff!

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CavGames Inactive Member writes:

Clear 1-inch-square grid mats
Overlay your own terrain quickly with a 1-inch grid.
Castle/Dungeon 1-inch-square grid mats
Quickly lay out your fantasy or historical castles, dungeons and more.
Sci-fi 1-inch-square grid mats
Quickly lay out space ship interiors, secret bases or any other "high-tech" environment.
New Sci-Fi Mat

These terrain mats, featuring original exclusive artwork representing various terrain types, are printed on Lexan, a strong, resilient polymer frequently used in applications such as 'bullet proof glass', aircraft canopies, and more. The mats are .05 mm thick (about the thickness of a sheet of paper), but due to their base material, they are extremely durable. They roll up easily for transporting and storage, but lay flat even after months of being rolled. The mats resist tearing and ripping, and stand up well to day-to-day gaming usage. The mats measure 20x24 inches.

The designs on these mats are printed sub-surface, meaning your game pieces will never touch the printed ink and even if they did, the ink is highly resistant to chipping, flaking, scratching, etc.

The ink and the Lexan are both water/soda/etc. resistant, so you never have to worry about damaging the mat by spilling your favorite beverage on it.

New Clear Mat

The mats can be further marked for specific uses using wet-erase markers (do not use dry erase). You can mark locations of obstacles, zones, areas of effect, and more.

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