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BOLT ACTION: 28mm British & Inter-Allied Commandos

28mm British & Inter-Allied Commandos Box contains 30 plastic infantry 28mm figures, bases, and decals. Assembly required. An all-volunteer force, they recruited from all parts of the armed services. There were Army commandos, Naval commandos, and the Inter-Allied Commando regiment which included nationalities such as the Belgians, Polish, Dutch and others. $53.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%, now $47.70 USD

BOLT ACTION: 28mm Italian Army & Blackshirts Box contains 30 plastic 28mm highly customizable Italian Infantry, with decal sheet and assembly guide. The Italian uniform changed several times during the course of the war and we chose the pattern that could best represent a wide array of troops, at different times during the war, and in different theaters of operation. At 28mm scale, these are ideal to represent M37 or M40 tunics. We have also included the Camiciotto Sahariana pullover smock for added variety. A wide variety of headgear for the Italian Army and Blackshirts are included – M33 steel helmets, Bustina cap, M1935 pith helmet, Blackshirt soft fez & Blackshirt hard fez. Weaponry includes the M91/41 rifle, M91/38 Carcano Cavalry Carbine, M38A Beretta SMG, M38 Carcano carbine, M1934, 9mm Beretta pistol and Breda M30 LMG. Not only that but the sprue contains masses of optional extras such as two types of gas mask bags, goggles, bayonets, combat knives, etc. $53.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%, now $47.70 USD
Victrix EARLY IMPERIAL AUXILIARY ARCHERS: 28mm Plastic Miniatures

Victrix EARLY IMPERIAL AUXILIARY ARCHERS: 28mm Plastic Miniatures This set includes 24 highly detailed plastic miniatures: 12 Western Roman Archers and 12 Eastern Roman Archers. Designed with different body positions and multiple head/quiver options to give you a bit more freedom when creating your miniatures. You can also use command figures from the Auxiliary Infantry set to explore even more body options and create additional archers for your army. The Eastern Archers can also be used in western field armies and likewise Western Archers can be used in eastern based armies and garrisons. There is evidence of the Easter/Syrian archers on Hadrian's wall and fighting in the Dacian wars alongside western style archers. $42.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%, now $37.80 USD



FORGOTTEN BATTLES FROM OPERATION HUSKY: The Invasion of Sicily, July 1943 Includes 20 full scenarios, all at 1:1 scale, and up to battalion size, as well as an overview account of the campaign. Unit types and armor involved in the campaign are all present, representing the Americans, the British, the Germans (including Fallschirmjagers) and Italians. Tanks go from the diminutive French R35 tank to the mighty Tiger. $39.00 USD

Marlburian Uniform Guides…

UNIFORMS AND FLAGS CD: The Armies of Hanover, Celle, and Brunswick – 1670-1715

UNIFORMS AND FLAGS CD: The Armies of Hanover, Celle, and Brunswick – 1670-1715 CD and PDF contains new, updated information. With regard to Hanover we have found extensive, previously unknown, material both on flags and standards from 1674-1700 as well as very complete uniform information, especially for the period 1682-1694, while a significant document written by the Celle colonels documented the differences between the armies in 1705. Hanover: 55 color plates: incl. 13 cavalry, 4 dragoons, 19 infantry; Celle 15 color plates: incl. 3 cavalry, 2 dragoons, 8 infantry; Brunswick 27 color plates: incl. 5 cavalry, 4 dragoons, 9 infantry $50.00 USD

GUIDONS & UNIFORMS OF FRENCH DRAGOONS 1688-1714: 2nd Edition (2019)

GUIDONS & UNIFORMS OF FRENCH DRAGOONS 1688-1714: 2nd Edition (2019) The first edition of French Dragoons was published in 2001. In 2015, a supplement was published with additional information gleaned from archival research. This 2nd edition contains both as well as new research. A number of visits to the Minutier Central des Notaires de Paris in the Archives Nationales in Paris in 2018 generated the analysis and documentation of notary contracts for uniforms. There are 134 pages of text, which include copies of these notary contracts; and there are 48 color plates many of which illustrate the new information gleaned from these contracts. $40.00 USD

FLAGS & UNIFORMS OF THE FRENCH INFANTRY 1688-1714 CD and PDF contain text along with 115 plates with multiple black-and-white & color images per plate. $50.00 USD

FLAGS & UNIFORMS OF THE AUSTRIAN ARMY 1701-1714 CD and PDF contains 260+ pages and 56 color plates. This is a completely new revision and update of the Kuhnbooklet with all 'new' plates. $45.00 USD

ARMY OF THE DUTCHY OF SAVOY 1688-1713 A revised edition of his work on the Army of Savoy 1688-1713. The title has changed to the 'Army of the Duke of Savoy 1688-1713.' The greatest change has been the addition of 20 color plates by Robert Hall. Also, the text includes minor changes and additions and also greatly expanded footnotes that increased the text from 27 pages to 51 pages. $20.00 USD

ARMY OF THE ELECTORATE PALATINE: 1690-1716 CD and PDF contains text along with 28 plates plates with multiple black-and-white & color images per plate. $25.00 USD

ARMIES OF MECKLENBURG & HOLSTEIN-GOTTORP 1650-1719 CD and PDF contains text. Holstein is covered in eight plates and Mecklenburg is covered in 16 plates with multiple color and black and white uniform illustrations and flags per plate. $25.00 USD

FLAGS & UNIFORMS OF THE ARMY OF HESSE-KASSELL CD and PDF contains text along with 23 plates plates with multiple black-and-white & color images per plate. $25.00 USD


BETRAYAL OF AN ARMY: Mesopotamia 1914-1916

BETRAYAL OF AN ARMY: Mesopotamia 1914-1916 Hardback version. The British invasion of Mesopotamia was initially successful in securing the oil fields around Basra by November 1914. Despite evidence of stiffening Turkish resistance and inadequate supply lines which relied solely on the River Tigris, the Expeditionary Force was disastrously ordered to advance on Baghdad under the command of the ambitious, capable but flawed Major General Charles Townshend.

After a Pyrrhic victory at Ctesiphon in November 1915, the British were forced to withdraw to Kut. After a five-month siege, Townshend had little option but to surrender due to heavy losses and inadequate supplies. Re-examines the circumstances and personalities that brought about such a disastrous and costly outcome to a classic example of 'mission creep'. $45.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%, now $38.25 USD

BETRAYAL OF AN ARMY: Mesopotamia 1914-1916I Softcover version. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%, now $29.75 USD

BLITZKRIEG FROM THE GROUND UP An examination of the German Blitzkrieg operations – and why they were so successful – from Poland to Operation Barbarossa, using accounts previously unpublished in English by the enlisted men and junior officers. These narratives fit into a broader perspective to offer a better understanding of why the Germans were so successful in 1939-41. $23.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%, now $19.55 USD

BATTLE OF PELELIU 1944: Three Days That Turned into Three Months Images of War series. At 08.32 hours on 15 September 1944, the Marines went ashore. Despite bitter fighting, and a ferocious Japanese defense, by the end of the day the Marines had a firm hold on Peleliu. But rather than Japanese resistance crumbling during the following days as had been expected, it stiffened, as they withdrew to their prepared defensive positions. The woods, swamps, caves and mountains inland had been turned into a veritable fortress – it was there where the real battle for possession of Peleliu was fought. $25.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%, now $21.25 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

ANCIENT WARFARE: Volume 15.2 The Batavian Revolt

ANCIENT WARFARE: Volume 15.2 The Batavian Revolt Theme: The Batavian Revolt: The Year of the Four Emperors… Almost Five – The Batavian Revolt; Martial Rape and the Batavian Revolt – Shameful Behavior; When Germanic Warriors Aren't Germanic – Tacitus' Stereotypes; Germanic Warriors and Amphibious Warfare – No Barrier to Battle; The End of the Batavian Revolt – Mopping Up; Ala I Batavorum Milliaria in Roman Dacia – After the Revolt. Features: Securis, Bipennis, and Dolabra in Combat – Tales of the Axe; The Theban Sacred Band at Chaeronea – Buried in a Brother's Arms; Why the Classical Greeks Avoided Pitched Battle – Less Danger, More Profit; A Roman Officer Writes Home (P. Mich. 8.465) – The Privileges of Rank; Looking After the Weapons – The armorum custos. $12.00 USD

MEDIEVAL WARFARE: Volume 11.4 Vlad the Impaler

MEDIEVAL WARFARE: Volume 11.4 Vlad the Impaler Theme: Vlad the Impaler at War: Ruling Wallachia During a Turbulent era – The Reign of Vlad II Dracul; The Life and Times of Vlad III (1429-176) – A Timeline of the Impaler; The Night Attacks that Made Vlad Famous – Dracula Against Mehmed the Conqueror; The 1476 Campaign in Serbia and Bosnia – Vlad's Sequel; From Literature to Film – The Postmedieval Dracula. Features: Venice, Genoa, and Pisa in the Levant – The War of St Sabas, 1256-1258; English Resistance after the Norman Conquest – Hereward and the Siege of Ely; The English Militiaman in the Fourteenth century, part II – From Hobelars to Archers; Fifteenth-Century Wrought-Iron cannons – Mons Meg and her Sisters; Mock Battles and Skilled Manoeuvres – Equestrian Games; When Constitutionalism was in Vogue, but not War – The Rise of the Modern Historical Profession; Archiepiscopal Warfighting in Thirteenth-Century Iberia – Rodrigo Ximenez de Rada; Part Psychology, Part Appearance – Castles and Defence. $12.00 USD

More at the Website…

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