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dilgar01 writes:

Ahh . . TWO Inch or THREE Inch motar?

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Battlefront Miniatures Sponsoring Member of TMP of Battlefront Miniatures writes:

Valentine Armored Troop (Plastic)

Valentine Armored Troop

The Valentine was designed as a cheaper alternative to the old Matilda infantry tank. Weighing in at just 17 tonnes, it was faster and almost as heavily armored, though it retained the same light 2-pounder gun. Its biggest improvement was its mechanical reliability. The Valentines of 23 Armored Brigade crossed North Africa on their own tracks, fighting all the way.

Priest Field Troop (Plastic)

Priest Field Troop

The American M7 self-propelled 105mm howitzer gained the nickname Priest in British service from the pulpit-like machine-gun mounting. Built on the chassis of the Grant tank, the Priest gave the armored divisions a mobile artillery piece able to keep up with its tanks during cross-country moves.

Rifle Platoon (Plastic)

Rifle Platoon

The rifle companies are the heart and soul of a rifle battalion. They are the ones who must clamber out of their fox holes, fix bayonets, and assault the enemy defenses. They are the ones who must endure artillery bombardments, then be ready to repulse enemy attacks. Their long exposure to the rigors of desert warfare has toughened them and taught them how to fight and win. Their tactics aren't subtle, they prefer to attack behind a heavy artillery barrage supported by infantry tanks.

3-Inch Mortar Platoon (Plastic)

3-Inch Mortar Platoon

The 3-inch mortars of the battalion's mortar platoon give them immediate artillery support. The mortars are excellent for softening up the enemy before an assault and for knocking out enemy machinegun nests. The SBML (smooth-bore, muzzle-loading) 2-inch mortar conducts overhead fire, throwing a 1kg (2lb) high-explosive bomb in an arcing trajectory, down onto the heads of the enemy, making it excellent at knocking out dug-in enemy troops.

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