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The Market in Dwarf Town (Deluxe Edition) Available

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From Kev's Lounge

Market in Dwarf Town
ZIP File – $3.50 USD (sale price)
Between clearing out dungeons and braving the wilderness, a party of adventurers needs to stop in at town to rest up and restock! Being within the walls of the city does not mean that the adventure is over though…

There is a lot of room to throw in a challenging encounter while they're in the middle of their shopping sprees, and this set of high quality paper miniatures includes a nice variety of Dwarven merchant NPCs perfect for those situations!

This paper minis set includes a barmaid, a mason, a metal-worker, a porter, and a pair of Dwarven shopkeepers who will also work great as generic Dwarven townsfolk.

The figures are scaled to 28mm, and will look good alongside most popular brands of miniatures and all manner of 28mm scaled scenery. Each model has a distinctive front and back, and both sides feature rich and gorgeous detail. The detail is boosted by the high resolution of the PDF, and the colors have good contrast to make them pop at a distance!

The models are designed with removable bases. This set includes a set of interchangeable bases. Another bonus of this feature is that the flat components are really compact and very easy to store because they don't take up much room at all!

What's the difference between the Basic edition and the Deluxe edition?

The basic version includes just a single version of each mini, giving you six unique designs for a nice low price. The Deluxe edition has loads of customization options allowing for a massive variety of minis, with tens of thousands of unique combinations.

If I have one, is it worth getting the other?

If you have the basic edition and want more, it's definitely worth getting the deluxe edition too. The minis in the basic edition have been specially created for the basic version, so they are unique and can not be recreated with the options available in the deluxe version, so if you have both sets, neither is a waste.

This is part of a growing collection of paper minis to bring life to your town adventures!

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