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Redcurrant writes:

Fantastic news about the Seljuqs. I have been asking for these for years. They will be a great addition to my Moslem armies.

Steve J

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BepBarb Sponsoring Member of TMP Inactive Member of Legio Heroica writes:

A new year begin and, first of all, I want to thank all those that did support the Christmas sale: this allows me to go on with the production of new figures!

This Done, I Can Announce Some New 15mm Releases Now on Sale!

For the Imperial range: IMP01: Charles of Lorraine – two figures at €4.30 EUR.

Charles de Lorraine

For the Burgundians/War of the Roses range: BUR16: Dismounted Knights with surcoat: eight figures at €3.80 EUR.

Foot knights

And for the Vikings range: VIK09: Berserkers: four figures at €2.00 EUR.


After releasing the foot Samurais last month, I'm waiting to release the mounted Samurais within the end of this month. The armed peasants are also sculpted already and should be available around March.

Coming then on the workbench, this is how things are going on:

For the muslim range, the Seljuk mounted command, heavy cavalry with lance and light cavalry bowmen are sculpted and should be available around March. At present, I'm working on the crossbowmen, and I'll soon start to work on the foot command and foot javelinmen too.

For the Saxon range, the Huscarls are almost completed, and after this, I'll start working on Thegns and Fyrds: this range won't be released before late spring/early summer.

For the Poltava range, the russian infantry with tricorne (marching and firing line) is sculpted; as next step, I'll start working on the Swedish infantry and artillery. For both these ranges there's not a release date yet.

Many Thanks for Reading, & Happy New Year to All of You!

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