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Caliver Books writes:

We are back from Salute, and we have some great new bits for you to take a look at.

Refighting History 5: Marlborough's Big Four – Blenheim, Ramilles, Oudenarde & Malplaquet

Refighting History

By Charles S Grant

The battles, Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde and Malplaquet, are known collectively as Marlbourgh's Big Four. In this book, after a brief introduction to the War of the Spanish Succession, each battle is covered in four sections:

  • The Background – Providing the context for the battle.
  • The Battle – Provides an account of the historical battle. In this section, I provide a detailed order of battle, maps and an account of the battle with eyewitness accounts where possible.
  • Wargaming the Battle – This sets out some of the considerations and thought processes that have gone into delivering the battle to the wargame table.
  • The Wargame – an account of the game.

Marlborough's Big Four brings to the wargame table four of the battles of one of Britain's greatest military commanders.

Out now at just £35.00 GBP.

Battlegroup Torch: A Battlegroup Kursk Supplement

This book covers the desert fighting from May 1942 to May 1943, and the Axis' ultimate surrender in Tunisia.

  • Army Lists Nine – Army lists designed to be played with the character of the principal combatants for North Africa – the veteran Deutsche Afrika korps for 1942, and Defenders of Tunisia for 1943, Italian armored and infantry divisions to face British (and Commonwealth) armored and infantry divisions. Also, for Tunisia, the first combat operations for the U.S. 1st Armored Division and U.S. infantry divisions, as well as ex-Vichy French March divisions, now turned against their former Axis allies.
  • Special Rules – New special rules to adapt the core Battlegroup rules to the later North African battlefields. Recreating the character of desert fighting, with its dusty conditions, reliance on tank warfare and mobile formations, and the wearing effects of the harsh conditions. Also, rules for the colder, muddy, difficult hill-country of northern Tunisia, a very different type of battlefield, all helping to create games with the distinctive feel for the end of the desert war.

Our price – £23.50 GBP

Gripping Beast – Late Roman Heavy Cavalry

Late Roman Heavy Cavalry

This box contains all the parts to assemble twelve plastic cavalrymen, plus bases suitable for the Swordpoint gaming system. They can be used to represent later Roman or early Byzantine armored cavalry. Parts from this box are compatible with most parts from all our other boxed sets so you can do many, many conversions. Just £19.50 GBP.

There is also some more secondhand.

46486 – Cromwell's Wars at Sea / Barratt, John. Near-mint hardback. Civil and Dutch wars. £10.00 GBP

46487 – Crisis at Bihac: Bosnia's Bloody Battlefield / O'Shea. Near-fine hardback illustrated. £8.50 GBP

46488 – Discovery of King Arthur / Ashe. Near-mint hardback. Revised 2nd edition. £5.00 GBP

46489 – Explorers and Colonies: America, 1500-1625 / Quinn, D. Near-mint hardback. £13.50 GBP

46490 – Devil Knows How To Ride: The True Story of William Clarke Quantril and His Confederate Raiders / Lewis. 523 pages. Near-fine paperback. £11.00 GBP

46491 – Imperial Glory: The Bulletins of Napoleon's Grande Armee / Markham, J. 442 pages. 1805-1814. Superb military resource, near-mint hardback. £13.50 GBP

46492 – Fox of the North: The Life of General Kutusov / Parkinson. Near-mint hardback. £6.00 GBP

46493 – Caesar's Gallic Triumph: Alesia 52BC / Inker. Near-mint hardback. £5.00 GBP

46494 – Crusaders' Kingdom: European Colonialism in the Middle Ages / Prawer, J. 590 pages. Near-fine paperback. £9.50 GBP

46495 – Last Frontier: The Roman Invasions of Scotland / Kamm. Near-fine paperback. 173 pages. £10.00 GBP

46496 – Uniforms of the Retreat from Moscow, 1812 / Haythornthwaite. Near-fine hardback. Marked 'Library of Joe Dever'. £15.00 GBP

46497 – British Grenadier. Deluxe hardback edition – near mint, shelf wear. £22.50 GBP

46498 – Panzer Grenadier Deluxe hardback – Near-mint, tear to bottom of spine. £25.00 GBP

46499 – Et Sans Resultant: The Complete Player's Guide – Near-mint Napoleonic rules from The Wargaming Factory. £41.50 GBP

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