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Black Powder 2nd Edition Pre-Order & More

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Mike Welker Supporting Member of TMP writes:

I can't locate a USD price for the pre-order of the collector version. Anyone know?

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Caliver Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

We have a post-free pre-order deal on the forthcoming Black Powder Second Edition and plenty of new miniatures from both Rubicon Models and Warlord Games.

We have also been adding to Minifigs figures with 10mm Humber Hornet, Ferret MkI/II, and HMVV M1115 added, along with another batch of classic fantasy.

Also, please remember that if you want to Partizan!

Black Powder


H26502 - RU058 Sdkfz 222/223 Light Armored Car – WWII / RUBICON£18.00 GBP

H26503 - RU059 Gaz-AA/AAA Truck – WWII / RUBICON post-free worldwide if spending over £20.00 GBP / £16.25 GBP

H26504 - RU060 Feldgendarmerie Bike Crew – WWII / RUBICON£3.15 GBP

H26505 - RU061 General Erwin Rommel – WWII / RUBICON£3.15 GBP

H26506 - RU062 General George Patton with Willie – WWII / RUBICON£3.15 GBP

H26507 - RU063 Commonwealth Tank Crew – WWII / RUBICON£3.15 GBP

H26508 - RU064 Soviet Tank Crew – WWII / RUBICON£3.15 GBP

H26509 - RU065 Monty & Hobart – WWII / RUBICON£3.15 GBP

H26510 - RU066 Zuhkov & Timoshenko – WWII / RUBICON£3.15 GBP

H26511 - RU067 U.S. Jeep MB-T/T3 Military Trailer / RUBICON£3.15 GBP

H26512 - Emojibots – DR WHO / Warlord Games£11.50 GBP

H26513 - FIRES of Pompeii – DR WHO / Warlord Games£11.50 GBP

H26514 - Strontium Dog: Darkus' Howlers / Warlord Games£13.00 GBP

H26515 - Strontium Dog: SD Agents – Warlord Games / Warlord Games£17.50 GBP

H26517 - Strontium Dog: Build-a-Mutie / Warlord Games£17.50 GBP

H26520 - Japanese Veteran Infantry Squad Metal Box – Bolt ActionWarlord Games / Warlord Games£13.00 GBP

H26521 - Australian 75mm Pack Howitzer – Bolt Action / Warlord Games£11.50 GBP

H26522 - Australian 40mm Bofors AA gun (Pacific) – Bolt Action / Warlord Games£15.75 GBP

H26524 - Australian 2-pdr light anti-tank gun (Pacific) - Bolt Action / Warlord Games£11.50 GBP

H26526 - Australian Forward Observer Team (Pacific) – Bolt Action / Warlord Games£4.25 GBP

H26528 - With a Bended Bow: Archery in Medieval and Renaissance Europe / Roth mint hardback. Well illustrated. £32.50 GBP

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