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Items are coming into the shoppe in mid-to-late-February.


Victrix Gallic Armored Warriors: 28mm Plastic Miniatures cover

Victrix Gallic Armored Warriors: 28mm Plastic Miniatures Includes three chariots, eight armored Gallic infantry as fighting crew, six drivers, three Boudiceas, and three Druids in each package. Separate heads allowing multiple variants. Choice of chariot sides, arms for javelins, swords and standardbearers. Severed heads, javelin cases, and ribbons to enhance chariots. Mix of Gallic shields. Can be used as Ancient Britons against the Romans. $48.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $43.20 USD

Rules & Scenarios…

DBR: De Bellis Renationis

DBR: De Bellis Renationis A set of wargames rules for Renaissance battles, covering the period from 1491 AD to 1700 AD. It was first published in 1995, and later updated to version 2.0 published in 2004. It was accompanied by three books of army lists, describing the main armies in use during that period. This reprint of the 2004 version (DBR 2.0) provides both rules and army lists in a single convenient volume. $30.00 USD

White Star Rising: Western Front Scenarios

White Star Rising: Western Front Scenarios 8.5 x 11-inch size. Contains 17 scenarios for Western Front, 1944-45, from Normandy to the Rhine, for Spearhead rules. Each scenario contains short intro, OBs, and black-and-white maps (each map square is 30 x 30-inches on the tabletop). Scenarios: Bocage aux Follies: To the Beaches Beyond: Panzer Counterttack; The Bloody Bocage: Normandy Slugfest; Cruel Souls: British Blitz; Hide and Seek in the Hedgerows: Infantry Battle; Push Comes to Shove: Breakout; and two in the Side Pocket: Avoiding Encirclement. Off to the Races: Next Stop the Rhine: Post-Falaise Maneuvers; Thunder in the Foothills: Rearguard in the Vosges; Unlocking the Pocket: Canadians in the Scheldt; Up Against the Wall: Big Red One at Siegfried Line; Home by Christmas: Arnhem Corridor; Fighting for the Fatherland: Volksgrenadiers; and Pas de Charge: Counterattack the French. When Only Loyalty Remains: To Lash Out in Anger: Ardennes Blitzkrieg; Silent Night: Panzer Struggle; Nacht und Nebel: Operation Northwind; Either Night or the Prussians: British in the Reichswald; and A Leap of Faith: Airborne Assault Over Rhine River. $20.00 USD


M12 Gun Motor Carriage: Images of War Series

Although only 100 examples were produced, the 155mm Gun Motor Carriage M12 served with distinction as an infantry-support weapon, and in particular as a bunker-buster, during the U.S. assault on the Siegfried Line in the winter of 1944-45. The production run was between September 1942 and March 1943, with a total of 100 units built. Though a few were used by training units, most were placed in storage until February 1944, when the first of 74 of them were shipped to Baldwin Locomotive Works to be improved based on further tests and usage in training. This work continued until May 1944. $25.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $21.25 USD

King Albert's Heroes Describes the incredible story of the ACM – the Belgian army's first unit of armored cars. It covers the unit's formation in 1915, and its transfer to the Russian Front, where the Belgians fought against Austrian and German troops. It recounts the adventures of the ACM-men in the midst of the Russian Revolution and their odyssey, first along the Trans-Siberian railway through China to Vladivostok, then across the Pacific Ocean to the United States, where King Albert's heroes were received with tremendous enthusiasm. This amazing story concludes with the unit's return to France and the subsequent post-war time of the ACM-veterans. Illustrated with color drawings and more than 200 original photos. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $34.00 USD


Wargames Soldiers & Strategy #101

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy #101 Special Feature: Epic and Legendary Viking Warfare: Who Will Save Us From the Savage Northmen – Wargaming the Vikings; Wargaming the Fights From Beowulf – A Hero's Song; Let Him Go Early in the Morning to Ath-Cliath – The Battle of Islandbridge; The Earl Would No Brook Cowardice – The Battle of Maldon; Collecting a Viking Host – Hammer of the Gods; and Painting a Viking Front Cover – Blood Eagle. Other Features: Battle of Loudoun Hill, May 10, 1307 – What's Ma Name?; Tanks versus Tiger in Normandy – Tiger Trap!; A Platoon-Sized Campaign to Defend WWII Singapore – Last Stand on Opium Hill; Making Your Flags Stand Out – Flying the Flag; and Re-purposing a Cheap Christmas Tree Ornament – A Christmas Store Hut. Departments: Miniature Reviews; This Gaming Life – And So It Goes; Tabletop Tactics – Theory Into Practice; The Irregular – Too Much Choice Can Kill!; Fantasy Gaming, Warlord Games Style – Let's Play Warlords of Erehwon; and Game Reviews: Thud & Blunder, The Battle of Blenheim – 1704, The Zone: The Cold War Turns Hot, and Rebels and Patriots. $10.00 USD

Miniature Wargames: Issue #431

Miniature Wargames: Issue #431 Cover: American War of Independence: Kings Mountain: Rules and Scenario and Scenario: Race to the Dan River February 1781. Features: Cobrar Mambises: Scenarios and figure suggestions for Ten Years War in 19th Century Cuba; The Woods: Fantasy gaming rules introduction and sheep rustling scenario; Tigers at Minsk: Hex-based 15mm (downloadable) rules and linked to scenario Surviving Stalingrad; Alma: Crimean war scenario adapted from Command & Colours: Napoleonic rules; Interview with Mantic on creating their Nightstalkers range and an introduction to building 3D vehicles for Gaslands using Tinkercad software; Build a fort in Darkest Africa; and more. $9.00 USD

Medieval Warfare: Volume 9.1 – Theme: The Battle of Agincourt Revisited Theme: The Battle of Agincourt Revisited: The English Man-at-Arms at Agincourt – Fully Armored; Finding a Missing Battlefield – Where was the Battle of Agincourt Fought?; and It Is Advised That There Should Be a Large Battle – The French Battle Plan at Agincourt. Features: A Much Less Successful Sequel – The Crusade of 1101; Taking the Castle of Thurie – Stories From a Knightly Drinking Party; Military Provisioning During the Great Famine – Alas! I Die from Hunger!; Modern Testing of a Medieval Weapon – Arrows and Arrowheads; The Intrigue of the Female Warrior – Lagertha, Joan of Arc, and Matilda of Tuscany; Military Engineers in the Middle Ages – Castle Builders and Castle Breakers; and Non-military Films of the Medieval World – In Civilian Garb. $10.00 USD

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