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Personal logo Narratio Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Yeah, I've spent many years explaining to Americans that that 'fag' usually meant 'cigarette' (not public school servant or person with homosexual proclivities) … But that then devolves into how we spell cigarette and then acrimony breaks out over use/abuse of language and at that point some Indian / Romanian / Russian / Pakistani chimes in with their ideas of pronunciation and it's civil war in the engineering office. We have more disputes over language than you would believe.

Back at Caliver – I order a fair amount of stuff from them and am always amazed at both their stock levels and the the checkout method.

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Caliver Sponsoring Member of TMP Inactive Member of Caliver Books writes:

Forget the New Years resolutions for a minute (we know that they will be forgotten by February anyway), and take a look at these new releases instead.

Some Corner Field

H25800 SOME CORNER OF A FOREIGN FIELD: MODERN SKIRMISH RULES / – Moran. Matt Superb Back of a fag packet ruleset – well. double-sided A4. Written for squads of 4-15 models a side fighting at danger-close ranges of 400m or less. Anything from WWII onwards actually. £2.00 GBP

H25801 WARHAMMER HISTORICAL – WARMASTER: MEDIEVAL ARMIES / – 1 only. near fine pbk. £45.00 GBP

H25802 CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF GREEK AND ROMAN WARFARE 2-volume set / Sabin, (Ed) Mint hardback set, v well illustrated. 1,300p. £165.00 GBP

H25803 Anti-Tank Rifle / Zaloga Latest Osprey WPN – Shipping now. £12.50 GBP

H25804 Sagger Anti-Tank Missile vs M60 / – Osprey Duel. Shipping now. £12.50 GBP

H25805 Roman Standards & Standard Bearers 1) / – Osprey Elite. Shipping now £11.50 GBP

Kobolds and Cobblestones

H25806 Kobolds & Cobblestones: Osprey Fantasy rules / – shipping now. £11.50 GBP

H25807 Operation Market-Garden 1944 / – Osprey Campaign 267. £13.99 GBP

H25808 Early U.S. Armor / – Osprey NVG. Shipping now. £10.50 GBP

45932 Records and Badges of Every Regiment in the British Army. Second Edition 1900 / – 930p. Near-fine hardback 1970 reprint….. with 24 color plates and 240 illustrations in the text. £35.00 GBP

45933 CANNAE / Goldsworthy Near-fine paperback. 190p. v well illustrated. £9.25 GBP

45934 Napoleon: The Path to Power 1769-1799 v. 1 / Dwyer 650p. large near mint hardback. £14.50 GBP

45935 LEIPZIG 1813 / Maude, Colonel FN 265p. VGF hardback reprint. £14.50 GBP

45936 MERCENARIES OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS / Gould 130p, near-fine hardback. Unit histories of 120+ British-raised units including KGL. £16.50 GBP

45937 Battlegames: TABLETOP TEASERS vol 1) / Grant, CS (ed) & Hyde, Henry. Large format paperback. Near mint, 12 scenarios plus write-ups of play. £18.50 GBP

45938 PLAYABLE NAPOLEONIC WARGAMES / Edwards VGC. Old School wargames rules. £8.00 GBP

45939 Hitler's Gladiator: The Life and Wars of Panzer Army Commander Sepp Dietrich / Messenger, C. Near-mint paperback. £9.50 GBP

45940 Culture of Protestantism in Early Modern Scotland / Todd. 446p Near-fine hardback. £35.00 GBP

45941 Richard Simkin's Uniforms of the British Army: The Cavalry Regiments. / W carman,( Ed) 220p. Near-mint hardback. V well-illustrated including color. Uniforms through the ages. £19.25 GBP

45942 WAR IN MEXICO / Adams. Large format hardback. V well illustrated including color. £14.00 GBP

45943 Russian Army and the First World War / Cornish. Mint hardback. 246p, v well illustrated. £16.25 GBP

45944 END OF ROMAN BRITAIN / Jones. 320p mint paperback. Thorough analysis of the economic, social, military and environmental problems that contributed to the failure of the Romans. £15.00 GBP

45945 Ambiguous Iroquois Empire: The Covenant Chain Confederation of Indian Tribes with English Colonies / Jennings. 430p. VGC paperback. A learned and lively new history of the Iroquois to 1744. £13.50 GBP

45946 Battle for North America / Parkman. 780p. Near-mint paperback. 1534-1763. The Wars in America. Edited and updated text. £10.00 GBP

45947 Road to Armageddon: The Last Years of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem / Bartlett. Mint hardback. Illustrated. £4.50 GBP

45948 CORSAIRS AND NAVIES 1660-1760 / Bromley. 516p. Near-fine hardback. Detailed study of the French use of privateers in the wars against the British and Dutch. Including Jacobite privateers. £40.00 GBP

45949 War The Infantry Knew: 1914-1919: A Chronicle of Service in France and Belgium by Captain J.C. Dunn / – near-fine paperback. 630p. One of the must-have books for the WWI student. £4.00 GBP

45950 Spain's Struggle for Europe, 1598-1668 / Stradling. 300p. near-mint hardback. £18.50 GBP

45951 Damascus Chronicle of the Crusades / – 370p. near-fine paperback. Damascus Chronicle of the Crusades. £8.50 GBP

45952 MUGHAL THRONE: The Saga of India's Great Emperors / Eraly 560. mint paperback. Superb Indian history. £14.00 GBP

45953 BATTLES AND GENERALS OF THE CIVIL WARS 1642-1651 / Rogers, Col H. VGC hardback. 320p. £12.50 GBP

45954 UNIFORMS OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS IN COLOUR / Cassin-Scott Blandford book. 200p. VGC hardback. Very well illustrated including color. £7.00 GBP

45955 Sun Tzu and the Art of Modern Warfare / – Near-fine hardback. 300p. £7.00 GBP

45956 LOW COUNTRIES 1780-1940 / E Kossmann. 800p. Near mint. Oxfod Modern History of Europe series. £18.95 GBP

45957 Monro, His Expedition with the Worthy Scots Regiment Called Mac-Keys / Brockington, ed. 430p. mint hardback. Praegar black cloth ed, not current print-on-demand version. With modern intro and notes. The most complete memoir or primary account in English of two of the most important phases of the Thirty Years War, Monro's Expedition is a regimental history & a guide to would-be mercenary officers. £67.50 GBP

45958 Dynastic State and the Army under Louis XIV: Royal Service and Private Interest 1661-1701 / Rowlands, G. 400p near-mint hardback. Including the economies of running a regiment, officer corps, financing war, etc. £52.50 GBP

45959 CORUNNA / Hibbert, C. Near-mint paperback. £3.00 GBP

45960 IVAN THE TERRIBLE / Carr, F. Near-mint hardback. 220p illustrated. £13.50 GBP

45961 VEHICLES OF THE HOME GUARD / Mace. 32p. Very well illustrated guide to the official, and some unofficial, vehicles. £12.00 GBP

45962 Command in the Royal Naval Division: A Military Biography of Brigadier General A.M. Asquith DSO / Page. 194p. VGC paperback edition. Includes pull-out color maps. Naval Division in WWI. £11.50 GBP

45963 Give Them a Volley and Charge! Battle of Inkerman, 1854 / – Near-mint hardback. 200p. £12.00 GBP

45964 DUTCH REVOLT / Parker. Near-mint paperback. 330p 3rd edition. £2.50 GBP

45965 Henry VIII and the Invasion of France / – Near-fine hardback. Illustrated. £9.50 GBP

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