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Personal logo Tony Francis Sponsoring Member of TMP writes:

They're a bit different from the Old Crow ones – they're scaled down versions of the former Ainsty Dragoon half-tracks (which are ours now).

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Personal logo Tony Francis Sponsoring Member of TMP of Brigade Models Ltd writes:

Over the last week or three, we've released a number of new items, so here again is a quick catch-up on these.

In 6mm sci-fi, we have a series of half-tracks for the Thunderbolt Division, a Hammerverse veteran combined-arms formation led by Colonel Chiro. There are five variants of the Dragoon series of vehicles, which all use the same chassis with different turrets. The models are available individually, and we've also created two packs representing the Panzer Grenadier and Panzer detachments on the Hammer's Slammers Thunderbolt playsheet. We've got hold of some copies of the Hammer's Slammers: The Crucible rulebook, so these are now listed (under our 15mm range) on the website.


And as an added bonus, here's a new vehicle for the Slammers themselves – the E8 'Wrenchmobile' recovery vehicle. This is a large, flat-bed GEV used for fixing disabled vehicles in the field, and it can also recover combat cars if necessary.

E8 Wrenchmobile

We have two new EuroFed cruisers in our spaceship range, further replacements for our older range of models. The Valmy and Condorcet are medium and light cruisers respectively, retaining the same size and layout as the original models, but with improved detailing to match the other new EuroFed ships.

EuroFed Cruisers

And down in scales to our Small Scale Scenery range, we have a few bits and pieces to extend our range of Roman items. We have a triumphal arch, similar items to which are still seen in today in monuments such as Marble Arch and the Arc de Triomphe. There's also a Roman bridge with a smaller arch and two lighthouses/beacons, based on the remains of ones in the U.K. Lastly, we have a pair of obelisks and a Funerary Tower (a tomb, essentially). All good for your Roman city, or in more modern layouts since the arches and obelisks are still in evidence in many European towns and cities today.

Roman Monuments

And finally, work is progressing nicely on the 15mm Slammers – the first of these will be on the website next week if all goes to plan.

HSC-006 – Hammer's Slammers: Crucible Rulebook – £25.00 GBP

HS-1615 – E8 Wrenchmobile – £2.00 GBP
HS-1801 – Thunderbolt Panzer Grenadier Detachment – £7.25 GBP
HS-1802 – Thunderbolt Panzer Detachment – £8.00 GBP
HS-1811 – Br59 Dragoon 2 T/ICV – £1.25 GBP
HS-1812 – Br66 Tank Destroyer – £1.25 GBP
HS-1813 – Br58SM Schlepper – £1.25 GBP
HS-1814 – Br54/56 Dragoon 2 M/ICV – £1.25 GBP
HS-1815 – Br57 Calliope – £1.25 GBP

SFS-420 – Valmy class Cruiser – £2.25 GBP
SFS-422 – Condorcet class Cruiser – £1.75 GBP

SSS-8100 – Roman Triumphal Arch – £1.50 GBP
SSS-8101 – Roman Bridge with Arch – £1.00 GBP
SSS-8102 – Lighthouses – £1.50 GBP
SSS-8103 – Roman Obelisks and Funerary Tower – £1.50 GBP

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