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Dave Ryan Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

As the anniversary of D-Day approaches, we thought that we'd jump on the bandwagon and use it as an excuse to remind you all of the thousands of print-on-demand WWII campaigns studies, maps, equipment and vehicle manuals, Official War Office accounts from the Ministry of Defense and RAF Hendon libraries, all mostly uniquely from us. Click on the Caliver Research Library button on our splash page.

For you Cult TV and film figure gamers and collectors, we are very pleased to announce that we have bought the Rogue Miniatures range of figures from that fine chap, Andy Kinnear. We have added it to our existing Wayne's World of Wonder range as it fits in rather nicely. Please have a look at Rogue Miniatures/Wayne's World of Wonder, the figures will be added over the next day or so.

So on with what's in this week (as well as a few reminders of some great old stuff)…

Polish Guard Lancers

H27358 – Polish Guard Lancers: Uniforms and Equipment 1807-1815 / Lubomski large format Hardback. 260 pages 20 plus illustrations, many in color. The Polish lancers in French service. £37.50 GBP

H27360 – GBFP-7 Starter Faction / Knuckleduster GBFP-7 Starter Faction. £18.00 GBP

H27361 – Chaco Kid Mounted / Knuckleduster KDM-12206 – the Chaco Kid Mounted. £7.50 GBP

H27362 – U.S. Airborne Support Groups 1943-44 – Bolt ActionWarlord Games. £17.00 GBP

H27363 – British Commandos Support Groups – Bolt ActionWarlord Games. £17.00 GBP

H27364 – British Airborne Support Groups – Bolt ActionWarlord Games. £17.00 GBP

H27365 – Bolt Action Battlefield Accessories – Bolt ActionWarlord Games. £10.50 GBP

H27366 – U.S. Army Support Groups – Bolt ActionWarlord Games. £17.00 GBP

H27367 – Australian Army at War 1976-2016 – Osprey MAA 526 – shipping now. £11.50 GBP

H27368 – F-80 Shooting Star Units of the Korean War – Osprey Combat Aircraft 128 shipping now. £13.50 GBP

H27369 – Union Sharpshooter versus Confederate Sharpshooter – Osprey Combat 41 shipping now. £12.99 GBP

H27370 – Armies of Russia's War in Ukraine – Osprey Elite 228 shipping now. £11.99 GBP

Cities of Bronze

H27371 – Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago: Cities of Bronze – shipping now. £11.99 GBP

H27372 – U.S. Navy Battleships 1886-98. The pre-dreadnoughts and monitors that fought the Spanish-American War – Osprey NVG 271 shipping now. £11.50 GBP

H27373 – Six Day War 1967: Operation Focus and the twelve hours that changed the Middle East – Osprey Air campaign ten shipping now. £13.99 GBP

H27374 – D-Day: 30 Corps Beaches – A2 pull-out bound pack reprint color map. The map shows 30 Corps beach from Omaha Beach (U.S.) in the west to east of Bernieres sur Mer together with the beach code names and the corps boundary. Also includes Bayeux and Caen. £11.99 GBP

H27375 – 79th Armored Division – Innovation in the Face of Adversity: Maj. Gen. Sir Percy Hobart and the D-Day Funnies – Daniels, Maj. M J, 105 pages. Large format facsimile reprint. It looks at the reasoning behind the formation of 79th Armored Division and its use in the invasion of Europe in 1944 and subsequently in the defeat of German forces in the west. Illustrated with photographs, maps and schematic. £13.50 GBP

H27376 – Operation Neptune – Landings in Normandy – Naval Historical Branch mint paperback reprint of a 1947 publication. 188pp. This is the official account of the operations of the Royal Navy to move and protect the landing forces for the operations in Normandy that began on 6 June 1944 – Operation Overlord. The naval operation went under the code name Neptune. It includes details of the planning and preparation for the operation, plans and orders, training and rehearsals, and the passage across the channel, and finally the post assault period and the end of the operation (for the RN) on 3 July 1944. Includes all the maps and charts published with the original of great interest to all naval historians and to those wanting to complete the story of this, the greatest amphibious assault of the Second World War. £30.00 GBP

H27377 – Royal Engineers Battlefield Tour, Volume I: Normandy to the Seine – Chief Engineer, BAOR mint paperback reprint. 222pp. This first volume of two gives details of all operations by the Royal Engineers during D-Day and up to the Seine crossing at Vernon. It covers I Corps plans for the assault, operations of six Airborne Division, the assault by three British Division, bridging the Caen Canal and the River Orne, the construction of airfield in France, the capture of Le Havre and the Seine crossing at Vernon. There are many maps and photographs in the book which enhance the sheer pleasure of reading this wonderful account. As with Volume II of this set, readers are strongly recommended to dig deep and get copies. £54.50 GBP

H27378 – Skirmish Campaigns Normandy 44 First Hours – Generic scenarios for battlefront WWII and other rules. Inc background info compatible with the vast majority of WWII wargames rules. £17.99 GBP

12th Army/FUSAG

H27379 – 12th Army/FUSAG: The Progress of Operation Overlord – 12th Army. 80 maps showing the development of the D-Day invasion from 6 June 1944 for 80 days – until just after the closing of the Falaise Gap. Each map shows the locations of Allied and German forces (to divisional level) at either 1200 or 2400 on the day. Further there are intelligence summaries on each map showing German divisions expected in the area and those German divisions that are at less than full combat strength. An important set of maps which enable the user to follow the progress of the Allies in establishing the bridgehead and then making the breakout. £400.00 GBP

H27380 – Beach Obstacles in Northern France 1944 – Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army; Mint paperback reprint of a 1944 publication. 26pp: An American report (from mainly British sources) of beach obstacles (with photographs) at St. Malo, Dinard, Mont St. Michel and Cabourg, of great value in that it shows the obstacles in place, whereas many in the actual invasion area were either destroyed or dismantled. £6.50 GBP

H27381 – D-Day: I Corps Beachhead area – 2 x A2 sheets to make 1 A1 Map. The map shows the complete beachhead area for I Corps from La Riveire in the west to Houlgate in the east and goes south to below Caen. Overprinted with beach code names and Infantry Division Group boundaries. £11.50 GBP

H27382 – D-Day: Operations 7-16 June 1944 – War Office mint paperback reprint of a 1947 publication. 394pp. This volume continues the story of the D-Day operations from 7 to 16 June. It covers 21 Army Group, 30 Corps, I Corps and enemy reactions to operations. It also gives details of the colossal administrative tasks involved to land reinforcements and supply and maintain the landed troops. This is another volume in our very successful series of CAB papers reprints, and is complemented with other papers relating to D-Day and subsequent operations. Includes ten A3 pull-out color maps. £54.00 GBP

H27383 – Normandy: The Lodgement Area – A1 color map. The map covers the Normandy area south to below Falaise, in the west to Omaha Beach area and in the east to Trouville. Shows all locations and the important topography of the inland area. £11.00 GBP

H27384 – Normandy Battle Area – A1 full-color map. A general topographical map of Northern France showing the area from Brittany to the east of Paris, and as far south as Nantes and Tours. With scale and main roads and railways. £11.00 GBP

H27385 – D-Day: German Operations – Canadian Staff Officers mint paperback reprint. 174pp. German reaction to D-Day and subsequent operations. This is a complete record of all German reactions and operations on and after D-Day compiled from original German records and war diaries. Contains a wealth of information on how the Germans reacted on D-Day and afterwards, with input from all personalities involved including Hitler and his most senior commanders. 174 A4 pages. £25.00 GBP

H27386 – Greece 1941: The Death Throes of Blitzkreig / Plowman, J mint hardback. 230 pages, illustrations. Revisionist look at the campaign. £14.99 GBP

H27387 – Battle of the Catalaunian Fields AD451: Flavius Aetius, Attila the Hun and the Transformation of Gaul / Schultheis. 260 pages, mint hardback. Illustrations in color. Tactics, location and a new look at the Hun army. £21.50 GBP

Wargamers Terrain and Buildings

H27388 – Wargames Terrain and Buildings: The Napoleonic Wars / Harwood. 160 pages. All color illustrations. 15mm windmill and eight 28mm models. £12.99 GBP

H27389 – Great Illyrian Revolt: Rome's Forgotten War in the Balkans, AD 6-9 / Abdale, J. 270 pages, very well illustrated hardback. Detailed study of a near-forgotten campaign. £21.50 GBP

H27390 – Irish Brigade 1670-1745: The Wild Geese in French Service / Graham. 480 pages. Mint hardback. Comprehensive study. £25.00 GBP

H27390 – Saga: Age of Crusades – Reprint arriving soon / Saga. £28.50 GBP

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