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Geisha of Death

90 minutes
action, crime, horror

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Geisha of Death

This is a Filipino movie with English subtitles, also known as Nilalang and Entity.

The movie starts with a flashback to ancient times: a family member has mutilated and killed multiple women in his clan, possessed by a female demon that steals womens' faces.

Fast-forward to modern-day Manila, where top cop Tony (played by Cesar Montano) and the Special Crimes Unit have finally cornered the worst serial killer in Philippine history. The killer exhibits amazing fighting abilities, but is finally killed by the cops.

Fast-forward again: The killings have resumed, though the killer is dead!

The movie revolves around the Special Crimes Unit, including the Chief (Tony's boss), agent Jane who has a crush on Tony (Meg Imperial), and cops Mark and Toy. There's also Tony's ex-flames, Mikuzi (crimeboss' daughter, played by Maria Ozawa) and Tin.

As the bodies mount up, will Tony figure out what he is up against and find how to stop it?

This movie is well-made, with a great cast and good special effects. Lots of gore, due to the subject matter. Rocking soundtrack. And lots of characters die!

The problem is that the demon is able to jump from body to body (or to materialize on her own), and has supernatural powers, so it's not clear why she doesn't kill everyone right away. The plot makes little sense, since we find out Tony should have known where to go for help right away. And where are the ronins, who we're told are the ones fighting the demons? The ending, while dramatic and unexpected, makes Tony look like an idiot for sending his buddies in first, then bypasses the major characters and leaves key points ambiguous.

The movie is not rated. There's several love scenes, but no explicit nudity. One scene is set inside some kind of underworld sex club (lots of poledancing). No profanity. The relationship between Tony and Jane is incorrect by today's workplace standards. Some dialogue about not letting the law get in the way of justice is inappropriate.

Can you game it? Yes, but you would have to reduce the demon's powers, and somehow restrict its ability to freely move between human hosts.

It was a fun movie, but didn't make much sense.