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I describe myself as the most un-nerdy gaming geek I know :-) I have lots of interests beyond gaming and have had hobbies that are decidedly un-nerdy. I love gaming and the miniature hobby in general. But I happen to love to participate in sports too, which I think makes me a bit different than many gamers? I did the D&D thing some but found that I prefer the larger battlefield. Skirmish gaming can be fun though. I tend to like to play the "good" side but will admit to liking some of the look of the bad guys too. One of the reasons I like to play WWII Italians is that they eventually also fought on the Allied side :-) Plus it is hard to be mad at them when they were so terrible!

Games Played

Playing Might of Arms again and playtesting V2. Our area gamers have lost some zeal for FoG somewhat; we will see if this continues. Have interest in the following as well: FoG R (can only play Italian, Arabs now) FoW (have Italians and U.S. unpainted) Napoleonics (15mm Prussians and misc. Have loads of unpainted Prussians :-) Have Lasalle but have played Napoleon at War, most recently. Have some 10mm and like to play DBN with attrition rules but we only play a few times a year.) Epic 40K (loads and loads of painted and unpainted) Man O' War (loads but haven't played in quite a while) Uncharted Seas looks interesting. DBA/HoTT (only for beer and pretzel moods. Need to paint up some 15mm fantasy figs.) WWI Air (mostly Canvas Eagles but I bought some Wings of War to play either game. Have Hostile Aircraft but group jumped to CE.) ACW (actually selling some of these but have about 120 stands of Union infantry that I am sure I will keep) Lace Wars, 7YW and AWI(would like to play someday but have refrained from buying figures until my other projects get painted [are we ever truly done painting? lol]) What I might play: Space Ship Combat Age of Sail 20th Century to Modern Air, Land and Sea Colonials Warmaster (ancients or fantasy)
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Chris Tebo
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United States of America, Texas, Guadalupe
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