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Somewhere between my family life and my full time job dealing with international students and their visa issues I run (in a loose sense!) a wargames company (I do, really) and handle PR questions (as best I can!). If I ever manage to find some free time I'd like to get back into some archery (recurve, field), perhaps a holiday with a spot of scuba diving (PADI AOW), relax by painting some figures, or perhaps even make some new ones (it's quite therapeutic playing with green and brown stuff)) and 'up' my Russian language skills to be able to have slightly longer conversations with my mother-in-law (and figure out what my wife and daughter are saying when they know I don't understand them… hmmm, or maybe that's best not to know?)! Anyway, I am also a long-time wargamer with my own thoughts and ideas. Consequently, you may also find me playing Devil's Advocate in some of my comments on here as I try to open the trains of thought in other directions ;-) Something else probably worth mentioning is that, despite appearances, I am over 50 miles from the factory and often have no idea what is happening there on a day-to-day basis, so bear with me if you ask a question or make a comment and I don't know the answer! Finally, if you intend to ask a question directed at me in my QRF hat, far better to email me (or PM), otherwise there's a good chance of me not even seeing it! Cheers Geoff

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These days, almost none. Have played DBM, HOTT, Panzer Marsch, FEBA+, East of Suez, (well I would mention those two!), WH40K, BKC, various air games, board games, etc. I'm particularly fond of air games, but it's finding a good opponent… Just lately my daughter and I have got into the fantasy variant of Basic Impetus, which is good fun. I also wrote Duel of Eagles, Clash of Sabres and Try-to-Survive-Asaurus!
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