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Gamer of old (1980's) in various areas. Used to get around the gaming community in Sydney a little. Helped run a well known military bookshop in Sydney for five or six years. Haven't been involved in the hobby for quite a while. Now spend more time these days surfing the net chasing gaming topics of interest, than actually playing.

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Interested in modern miniatures gaming at the fireteam, section/squad, and reinforced section/squad level. Recent asymetric conflicts and warfare in third world environments (includes CQB and FISH) are my preferred theaters. Have recently amassed a small nation's population of Peter Pig miniatures, all awaiting paint, being stockpiled against eventual future opportunities to game. Current commitments prevent me from actually playing, so I'm using the time available to cram in information on aspects of my chosen "period(s)", and the hobby in general. Games: Used to play Modern and WWII Micro (and CinC) Armor, a'la WRG, I ran Mozambique (modern?) and Early WWII Russian. SPI Raid! and Patrol boardgames. Played some original Traveller, back in the day. Tried to generate some interest in the mid eighties in modern infantry combat (20mm Platoon 20) with a home-grown set of rules I was working on. Currently the proud owner of one of the largest collections of THW products West of Parramatta.
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