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Tim's Toys web site is off line temporarily.

I have no estimated date of return at this time.

Where does my user name come from? It was my first call sign, from 1985 to 1986. 2 is for B squadron (company), 3 is for 3 troop (platoon). Tango indicates "armour". "Ditto" is my old TMP user name (before I changed it to this one) tacked on to the call sign.

In radio procedure during the Cold War, Canadian sub-units in combined operations would prefix their call sign with a letter. Infantry used I India, Artillery used G Gulf, and my arm was T or Tango.

In combined ops, our squadron would have infantry attached to us or, in close terrain, parts of the squadron might be attached to an infantry company. My radio call sign would be Tango Two Three (2Lt or Lt). The other three vehicles in the troop would be:

  • Tango Two Three Alpha commanded by senior NCO, Warrant Officer (US Army equivalent = Sergeant First Class, 2 rockers)
  • Tango Two Three Bravo: less senior NCO, Sergeant (US Army = Staff Sergeant, 1 rocker)
  • Tango Two Three Charlie: junior NCO, Master Corporal (not sure of the US Army equivalent Sergeant with no rocker? MCpl was the rank directly below Sergent)

I've no idea what the rank names are now with the recent absolutely ridiculous change in name and rank insignia (no serving member remembers the pre-unification days, anyway).

An infantry APC platoon leader might be India Three Three and the FOO would always be Gulf Four One or something similar.

My own personal call signs were:
  • Tango 2 3 B Squadron, 3 Troop
  • Tango 2 1 B Squadron 1 Troop
  • Tango 2-Niner-Echo B Squadron Liaison Officer
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