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AddressNewport, Rhode Island
Phone(401) 236-4866

"Our first ranges are:

"Death Fields, our sci-fi range in which the best of humanity's warriors have been stolen throughout our history to fight for sport to entertain their alien captors. The first set released in May 2019 was Raumjäger Infantry (World War 2 Fallschirmjager). The next two sets are Les Grognards (Napoleonic, WW1, and Foreign Legion French), and the Einherjar (Norse vikings who have spent the last 1,500 years living on a high gravity world between matches).

"Classic Fantasy, our homage to the standard fantasy tropes we all grew up with. Our first set are Greek-themed Skeletons and our next release will be Halflings. The Skeletons are also branded for Footsore's Mortal Gods fantasy supplement: Mythic which will be coming in the near future.

"Along with these we are making a number of historical rangss. Our first three releases will be for the Ancient World, the Dark Ages, and the 19th Century. All of these will released in 2019. We will strive to update this description as time progresses."


"PayPal and all major credit cards"


"North Star exclusive retailer distributor for the U.K.
"War & Peace Games in Australia
"Golden Distribution in the USA"

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