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Entertaining Wargames in 2 Hours or Less

"All Two Hour Wargames are excellent for solo play and cooperative play and can be used with any figures that you may already have. Our games range from the ancient time period to the far future. Easy to learn game mechanics make allow players to spend more time on tactics and gaming than fighting the rules.

"We believe in 'simple mechanics - not simple games' and the realism provided by our unique Reaction System provides the players with exactly that. Also each set includes a low book-keeping campaign system that generates all the scenarios for you tying them together into one storyline.

"Some of our games include:

All Things Zombie
An Origins Award-winner for Best Minis Game of the Year. ATZ, not a zombie game but the zombie game.
Man-to-man skirmish game of World War II. Supplements are also available detailing other periods of the war.
Adventures In The Lost Lands
A cutting-edge tactical RPG that allows players to explore Lost Lands and go on dinosaur safaris. Play as a dinosaur, caveman, Pulp Adventurer or Big Game Hunter, it's all up to you.
Six Gun Sound
Rob a bank, catch the outlaws, fight the Indians, it's all up to you. This skirmish level game of the Old West includes all you need to run your own campaign.
Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures
Whether you're dungeon diving or fighting big battles, WHAA does it all.

Check out our 4,000-member Yahoo! group that provides the best customer support in the industry.

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