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AddressPO Box 3233
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Entertaining Games Playable in 2 Hours or Less

"All THW games are playable solo, same side against the game mechanics, and head-to-head against your friends. Our games include sci-fi, fantasy, historical and our Origins Award winning All Things Zombie. We have wargames and RPGs that are playable with any figures you may already have.

"We offer one set of basic mechanics that can be used with multiple-periods. Check out our website for our free rules, Chain Reaction 3.1 Final Version and Swordplay, two complete sets of rules that introduce you to our award-winning Reaction System. Our rules use similar mechanics but each book brings in specific rules to give it the flavor of the period."

Learn One Set of Mechanics; Play Many Periods!

"All of our printed copies come with a free PDF version that can be instantly downloaded. We have a Yahoo Group with close to 6000 members and an active Forum. With multiple moderators, your questions are usually answered within 24 hours."


"PayPal, Check or Money Order."

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